“How does working at your current job make you feel?” Imagine being a fly on the wall listening to your team answer that question.  Be honest, what do you think they’d say? Like a juggler, always one ball away from dropping everything? Or like a tightrope walker, teetering on the edge? Maybe like a machine […]

Knowing when and how to address underperformance causes a lot of anxiety for new and seasoned leaders. And you know what feels ickier than having that difficult conversation with an employee in a stuffy conference room?  Having to do it over Zoom.  For all my fellow people-pleasers out there (yes, I’m raising my hand too), […]

When it comes to managing a team remotely, I love a good system just as much as any millennial who believes a color-coded bookshelf is a defining personality trait. Because systems work wonders. That’s why so much of our content revolves around creating repeatable systems of KPIs, metrics, and goals for replicable roles. “Ewww, waitttt […]

A blended team, aka a team that has employees and contractors working together, is a super profitable way to scale your business. But sometimes it can feel like you’re carrying the weight of your team’s happiness and productivity on your shoulders. It’s too much, right? Especially for compassionate leaders who genuinely care about their people. […]

Discover Your People Leader Archetype

Feeling like your biz isn’t quite clicking the way you hoped? Jamar Diggs is here to remind you that it’s not just you! Entrepreneurship can be a real cluster f*ck sometimes. But we sit firmly in our belief that sharing stories from those who’ve navigated the twists and turns to success is what keeps us […]

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? The past few weeks we’ve been painting with broad strokes about the DOL’s Final Ruling on the whole contractor vs. employee saga. If you’ve been following along, you’ve def heard us say that there are now 6 factors to consider for classifying your workers.  But we haven’t […]

Clock’s ticking!! The DOL’s new ruling on independent contractor misclassification goes into effect in less!than!a!week!  What does this mean for you??  Well, if you’re a business owner who nods your head “yes” after reading reading these two statements: Then the time is NOW to sit down and talk to your team about proposed changes to […]

I’m just gonna come out and say it: the traditional in-person office setup is as outdated as dial-up internet. But for some reason, some businesses are still dragging their feet. They’re not quite ready to embrace the remote work structure that so many people are looking for in their career. So while they’re busy trying to […]

As business owners, people managers, and CEOs, we often overlook the significant impact company culture has on our leadership experience. It’s important to realize that culture is not just about creating a fun workplace (though we’re all about making work fun if that’s your vibe!); it’s crucial in fostering productivity and ensuring the collective success […]

This week, we’re excited to have Meg Evans from Born To Roam Bookkeeping on the podcast to chat all about making that first hire for your business.  Meg is a licensed CPA, numbers nerd, and small business bookkeeper. She is the founder and CEO of Born to Roam Bookkeeping LLC, a virtual boutique bookkeeping agency […]






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