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One of the biggest mistakes we see is when entrepreneurs rely on their payroll system to handle all of their “HR”​​​​​​​​ Spoiler Alert: Payroll is NOT hr. Setting up payroll and paying people is the easiest part of having a team.​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​In fact, we don’t even offer payroll as a service, because I ethically cannot […]

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Kira La Forgia and Dr. Noor Ali As an HR/People Operations consulting company, we know how important choosing the right benefits is for your company. To retain top talent, you have to be competitive which often starts with the perks and benefits you can offer your employees. When I sit down with our clients who […]

What are you waiting for? Scroll to get your Start your Business Checklist It’s manageable, approachable, and IMPORTANT. You may have a beautiful brand, but you cannot grow into a stable, predictable business until you set a solid foundation on which you can grow. By not getting that foundation set, you are cutting off your […]

I have to tell you guys something, and it is kind of intense We need to know more REAL things about each other. Why? I have reasons…. I’ll get there.. My core values:▫️integrity▫️positivity▫️equality You’re thinking: Ok why do you need to know this? Doesn’t seem that vulnerable, right? Actually it is more of a humble […]

Which one is the right fit for you? One of the things I am noticing as I am starting to take on clients, is that there is TONS of people out there who need help. Prior to starting my business, I did some research about how I wanted to identify myself. I have noticed people […]

It’s lonely at the top. Being a manager is really hard, and there is so much advice out there. The only thing harder than being promoted to a management position is becoming a manager of your peers at a small business. Small companies thrive on promoting from within, this creates a path of growth, and […]






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