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    Managing a Team Remotely With A Human-First Approach

    May 1, 2024

    When it comes to managing a team remotely, I love a good system just as much as any millennial who believes a color-coded bookshelf is a defining personality trait.

    Because systems work wonders.

    That’s why so much of our content revolves around creating repeatable systems of KPIs, metrics, and goals for replicable roles.

    “Ewww, waitttt a second. Repeatable systems? Replicable roles? 

    What is this, HR consulting for robots?! I left the corporate world to do things differently for my team!”

    Stick with us! 

    As much as we toot the horn of a well structured management system, we will never ignore the human element of leading a team. That’s what sets our approach apart from the people-as-cogs-in-the-machine style of business we’re all fleeing.

    We’re here because we believe employees aren’t robots programmed to hit numbers. They’re people with unique styles, preferences, and motivations.

    So yes, setting goals can (and should) be straightforward. That’s the beauty of a system! 

    But how do you actually hit metrics?

    That calls for a human-centered leadership approach, which is exactly what we’re talking about in this episode of On The Up & Up. 

    This episode encourages you to look past the numbers and really get to know the individual people driving your team’s performance on a human level.

    But if you suddenly have the ick at the idea of having a heart to heart with each team member, don’t worry. We’re not saying you have to become the office therapist. Being a human-centered leader doesn’t have to be touchy feely, if that’s not your thing. This level of personal connection can all stay within the bounds of your work.

    Instead, we’re talking about human-centered leadership as a way to cultivate a culture where your team is comfortable vocalizing things about their work beyond their metrics to help you become a better leader.

    So, what personal information should you encourage your employees to share with you, and how will that knowledge help you reverse engineer your leadership approach to guide them to the next level? Tune into the pod to find out!

    Let’s talk about this invisible layer of culture building that many leaders overlook, especially when managing remotely.

    Listen Now!

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