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Let’s be honest, sometimes when a female entrepreneur finally gets around to starting her business, she has been waiting years- sometimes decades- for the opportunity to serve others in her zone of genius. But the reality of entrepreneurship can be a killer of a positive entrepreneurial mindset. How do you keep going as an entrepreneur when you hit those roadblocks, even just in your mind?

How can your internal structure can affect your productivity and your profits? What does the backend business management entail for small business owners? By now you probably have established your communication suite and you have probably been realizing your services and maybe even your marketing strategy. It may even feel a little overwhelming to keep […]

Get comfortable with talking about money with colleagues, mentors, family.

This is the HARDEST part of entrepreneurship for me. Welcome to the Marketing Pillar I just honestly cannot with marketing. It is SO hard, takes up so much time, is so difficult to execute, and is constantly evolving and has SOO many elements. It took me like a year to figure out that a masterclass […]

Use Paradigm’s Method to Make Your Business Plan Reflect Who You Are and Where You Are Taking Your Business Ok so 2020 was… not the best for a lot of people. A lot of people are suffering, scared, and grieving. Grieving for the loss of 200,000 Americans, for the rising awareness of the mistreatment of […]

People will tell you a lot about a lot when it comes to starting your business. Everyone thinks they have the answer, the magic sauce, the key ingredient, the missing link. Honestly- the online business world has opened my eyes in a major way about how to sort through information effectively. What is a Business […]

Setting up the legal for your business is expensive, stressful, and NECESSARY. DIY -ing the legal for my business was not even an option that I knew I had! Feeling more secure in understanding the “Must Haves” when putting together my legal safety net was key. That being said, one of my greatest wins in […]

Hacks for sales organizational management systems.








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