Recent statistics on diversity in the workplace don’t lie: inclusivity is good for business. Here’s why: Imagine you finally find the perfect job candidate after what feels like a marathon of a search. It feels like a match made in heaven, but instead of snatching up your offer, they just…walk away. 🚶‍♀️💨 But rather than […]

An inclusive workplace that embraces diversity.

Inclusive workplace characteristics are the result of leaders committed to walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Have you ever heard the term “greenwashing”? It basically refers to the practice where brands make false claims about their product’s environmental benefits because they know it will make them more appealing to consumers.  It’s a sh*tty […]

Happy Juneteenth! Today isn’t just about marking the end of slavery, it’s a celebration of Black freedom. At Paradigm, we’re celebrating Juneteenth by digging deep to challenge the racial inequalities that still thrive in workplaces today. And even though I’m not an expert on anti-racism, I’m here to learn and grow. I’m here to do […]

“How does working at your current job make you feel?” Imagine being a fly on the wall listening to your team answer that question.  Be honest, what do you think they’d say? Like a juggler, always one ball away from dropping everything? Or like a tightrope walker, teetering on the edge? Maybe like a machine […]

Knowing when and how to address underperformance causes a lot of anxiety for new and seasoned leaders. And you know what feels ickier than having that difficult conversation with an employee in a stuffy conference room?  Having to do it over Zoom.  For all my fellow people-pleasers out there (yes, I’m raising my hand too), […]

What I’m about to say about employee performance reviews may cement my status as a decorated member of the Participation Trophy Generation.  But I’m gonna say it anyway (I am a proud millennial afterall) and ask that you hear me out: The main focus of your employee performance reviews shouldn’t actually be reviewing their performance. […]

A woman relaxes with her feet in a cool blue pool she is holding a notebook and working with her sunglasses resting beside her

Performance management: Love it? Hate it? Wondering what the big deal is?  It can be a real mixed bag. Maybe you skip into those meetings, giddy to shower your team members with glowing feedback and praise. Orrrrr maybe you’re dragging your when the feedback is a bit more…complicated. But what if there was a way […]

There are 3 things we love talking about around here: If you’ve been following along with our newsletter or recent podcast episodes, you know we’ve been going hard on #1 lately. It may be starting to feel like we’re pushing employees on your business.  But we promise, we’re not! In fact, if you listened to […]

A blended team, aka a team that has employees and contractors working together, is a super profitable way to scale your business. But sometimes it can feel like you’re carrying the weight of your team’s happiness and productivity on your shoulders. It’s too much, right? Especially for compassionate leaders who genuinely care about their people. […]

Discover Your People Leader Archetype

Feeling like your biz isn’t quite clicking the way you hoped? Jamar Diggs is here to remind you that it’s not just you! Entrepreneurship can be a real cluster f*ck sometimes. But we sit firmly in our belief that sharing stories from those who’ve navigated the twists and turns to success is what keeps us […]






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