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    Hiring Your First Employee & Passing Down the Art of Great Management With Meg Evans

    January 16, 2024

    This week, we’re excited to have Meg Evans from Born To Roam Bookkeeping on the podcast to chat all about making that first hire for your business. 

    Meg is a licensed CPA, numbers nerd, and small business bookkeeper. She is the founder and CEO of Born to Roam Bookkeeping LLC, a virtual boutique bookkeeping agency based out of California. She and her team are on a mission to empower and equip female CEOs with the tools and knowledge they need to financially fuel a life of freedom and exploration. 

    We delved into the common fears entrepreneurs face when hiring for the first time (eh ehm, like relinquishing control over certain tasks) and the essential mental preparation needed to bring someone into your business and step into a leadership role.

    If you’re on the cusp of hiring, whether it’s for the first time or the 10th time, there is a lot to be learned from this conversation. Tune in to hear: 

    • A transformative experience Meg had while being managed by favorite boss (who, interestingly, is also the one who laid her off) that has profoundly shaped her approach to people management.
    • Meg’s journey to realizing why her business needs employees rather than contractors— music to my ears!
    • The key skill Meg believes is vital for managing a team, particularly in a remote setting.
    • Reflective questions to help identify the specific role your business needs to fill next.
    • Practical tips for juggling the dual roles of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

    This episode is a powerful reminder of the lasting impact we have on our employees and how we can shape their careers in ways we might not even realize.

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