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    Entrepreneurial Mindset Hacks

    November 25, 2020

    How to Keep Going When The Unpredictable Is The Norm

    Let’s be honest, sometimes when a female entrepreneur finally gets around to starting her business, she has been waiting years- sometimes decades- for the opportunity to serve others in her zone of genius. But the reality of entrepreneurship can be a killer of a positive entrepreneurial mindset. How do you keep going as an entrepreneur when you hit those roadblocks, even just in your mind?

    The mind of a new entrepreneur looks something like this:

    • OMG I did it! I am ACTUALLY doing this! I’m amazing!
    • Starts Instagram account: “here we go, I am ready for the offers to start rolling in”
    • Oh wait, I need to join Facebook groups.
    • Oh yes, I need to follow everyone and post my handle everywhere.
    • Yay! 100 followers! I’ll be rich in 5 minutes.
    • Wait- email list?
    • FUNNEL?
    • PAID ADS! I thought this sh*t was free?
    • OMG I can’t do this. WTF am I thinking!? Why did I spend $4000 on a website and learn about Canva? I have only had 1 lead! I have to quit and I suck. WTF is “Mindset” anyways. BUNCH OF BS.

    In this process of realization, self-awareness, and imposter syndrome, many entrepreneurs lose sight of their purpose. You will notice, there is NO MENTION above of actually doing the skill that you were SO excited and motivated to share with the world.

    There is no denying that entrepreneurship is HARD. Every day you are inundated with information that you have to sort through. You get so on fire for the opportunity and the relationships that you forget to identify the STRATEGY for moving that needle forward in your business.

    So how do you get over the first obstacle and keep going?

    I can only speak to my own experience, but for me it has been 3 factors.

    1. Entrepreneurial Mindset: trusting in myself that I will make this s#it happen. DUH! That’s the point of this whole blog.
    2. Community: fostering a community of women entrepreneurs who cheer for your wins, share their stumbles, and build each other up.
    3. Patience and consistency: showing up where it counts, putting together strategy, and getting help when you need it.

    Moreover, everyone is different, but you will find that many people have similar experiences. There is a TON of bullshit out there, there are people who will prey on your eagerness to learn, your ability to discern what you need, and your (tough love time) desperation to get the opportunity to serve your skills.

    However, if you recognize that your desperation comes from a place of service, and therefore spend this time learning, connecting authentically, and being cautiously optimistic about everything you see online, you will be adding value to your business every single day. Maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset is the biggest struggle to be consistent.

    Yes- it is expensive to start a business. Yes- you will always start from behind. And yes- there will always be days where you have no idea why you even started this business and you might even miss those steady paychecks and 3AM barista shifts.

    How To Find Help in Entrepreneurship

    First things first: you already have what it takes to be successful in your business. However, you might need some help with your strategy. Here are some options and ways to get help:

    Free + Lots of Time: Facebook groups (just take it all with a grain of salt).

    Low Cost: For the biggest help with your mindset, join a networking community (For instance, the Paradigm Shift!) This will be a highly effective way to boost your impact while learning the ropes.

    Mid-range cost, you need lots of time to DIY: Find a course that speaks to your needs. If you are worried about the legal side of things, I recommend checking out my blog about The Contract Shop’s Lawless to Flawless course. As a result of this course, I was able to not only establish my legal basis of my business, but also it helped me understand why certain legal things had to be addressed. In addition, The program, is digestible, easy, and SO informative. It is the BEST investment I ever made in my business. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE CONTRACT SHOP

    High Cost and Time: invest in a business coach. Find someone you like and you trust, and that you can be honest with. Firstly, set your budget first and shop around, then follow them for a while and get a feel for their style. Secondly, Make sure to prioritize the investment at a time in your life where it makes sense. Like, if you are about to have a baby, maybe you wait a few months and just focus on the Insta stalking for a sec?

    The Quick Mindset Take Away

    Remember that there is always a positive correlation with the amount of money and time you invest, with the results you will see and how quickly. Be thoughtful and intentional in your decisions. Create space and time before making investments. If you cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, you will make this business happen on purpose, and exactly how you want it to.

    You don’t need to hurry, there is no big rush. In other words, it’s better to do something right, then to do something fast.

    In conclusion, enjoy the process of being an entrepreneur. You should be be freaking proud of yourself! Remember you are not alone, and I am proud of you!

    One More Recommendation To Uplevel Your Entrepreneurial Mindset Journey

    In this section, I want to acknowledge that there are lots of books, blogs, research, and podcasts that address entreprenuerial mindset. For example, Jen Sincero manages to hit the nail on the head with all her books. I even bought her planner! PS if you buy from my link, I may get a commission! DM me if you end up reading it, I love chatting about books I love.

    I’m Kira, and I love helping women start, run, and scale their businesses.

    What did you think of this post? Let me know in the comments, or find me on Instagram! Make sure to say hi! I would love to meet you.






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