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    Who is the Paradigm? A little about Kira La Forgia.

    November 9, 2020

    Hello! I am Kira La Forgia, MA-OM and I am a Director of Operations/HR turned small business consultant for millennial entrepreneurs. My mission in life is to empower women to identify their unique skills and passions and turn them into a profitable business so they can have the freedom to live their life on their own terms.

    I believe that entrepreneurship is not a one size fits all model, in fact, being an entrepreneur means making your own model, built around your values and lifestyle.

    With a decade of experience working in both corporate and small business environments, my method utilizes the predictability of traditional business models and adapts them to modern innovation, unique experiences, and stays focused on measurable results. AKA make money off of doing what you are already great at!

    “I help female entrepreneurs create intention and purpose through one-on-one relationships to reduce the time to a profitable business in an accessible, manageable, and FUN way.”

    Kira La Forgia

    What does Paradigm do?

    My linear way of designing your biz is represented in the Paradigm’s services that help millennial women with their entrepreneurship journey on a one on one basis.

    1. Start Up: helping you start your business by building an effective framework.
    2. Streamline: helping business owners of 1+ years get out of their plateau and enrich their business with growth.
    3. Scale: creating structure for successful entrepreneurs by designing intentional frameworks, specified departments, and no BS delegation through management coaching.

    I sometimes tell my more advanced entrepreneurs that my Start Up grads are usually a few steps ahead of them in regards to prepping for scaling hahaha… usually, they don’t like to hear this. <enter new strategy QUICK> ‍♀️

    In her free time, Kira loves to hang out with her husband, Erick, and their 2 dogs in their fixer-upper in San Diego, California.






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