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    Feature: No Frills Coaching Podcast

    February 2, 2022

    Natalia Hernandez is a Relationships Coach certified in the Enneagram. She helps Overachievers decide whether to finally leave their relationships, or mend and heal them instead – creating stronger and healthier relationships.

    “What I see most often are overachievers killing it in their field. They manage teams, they are high-achievers and high-performers. Personally though, their minds are running wild leading to anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, stress, and indecision. This impacts their self-concept, seeping into their personal relationships causing communication breakdown and self-doubt”.

    Natalia Hernandez

    Just like Natalia, I am a HUGE fan of using personality assessments (read our past blog posts on how to use different assessment tools in managing and building teams here). Natalia uses the Enneagram as a guide into what makes you tick and what motivates you in the way you handle stress and every situation in your life.

    As women, we think that we don’t already have what we need, but we do. We are already experts at something. It just takes someone from the outside to tell you what expertise you have under your belt that you can monetize and make money from.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    You can always find another certification, book, or course that is going to give you more knowledge. The fact is, if you start moving towards the directions of your goals NOW, those things are still going to be there for you to learn and grow from tomorrow.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    Throughout my career in corporate and small business, I have gotten to witness the power of having a female manager that is professional and has solid boundaries, but also CARES. I want to encourage other women to step into those larger roles.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    Turnover is extremely expensive. Having online businesses grasp onto the employee engagement culture is so important. It creates a high standard of company culture in the online space, which hasn’t really been addressed before.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    If you are experiencing a moment of doubt, acknowledge that it is just that, a moment. Just because you are having this feeling, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    Here is an except from the No Frills Coaching Podcast page:

    If you have your own business or are contemplating starting your own business, this episode was created for you. Kira helps women entrepreneurs build strategic business foundations and all that comes along with running your own business.

    We’re also both Enneagram 7s! So you know it’s a fun episode.

    We’re talking women in business, the Enneagram, and going after your business goals.

    Do you have a podcast or community that would benefit from a guest speaker about hiring and HR? Reach out!






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