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    Feature: Good Food CFO Podcast

    February 4, 2022

    Sarah Delevan founded Sarah Delevan Consulting in 2017, offering financial advice to good food companies. Since then her company has helped more than 50 businesses achieve financial sustainability and profitability, and she remains steadfast in her mission to change our food system one profitable good food business at a time.

    I have a talent for understanding, diagnosing, and improving the financial performance of food businesses. From the ingredient sourcing, to product and menu pricing, to building scalable systems for long term success, I’m able to see what’s going on in a business’s day-to-day operations just as clearly as I can see the big picture.

    Sarah Delevan

    I am so excited to be featured on Sarah’s podcast, Good Food CFO! We talked about sooooo many topics I don’t even think it’s possible to summarize, so I guess you’ll just have to listen for yourself ;).

    If you are starting to see a trajectory of upward mobility in your business, even if you haven’t quite grasped that yet, that’s when you need to start thinking about hiring. You don’t want to wait until you’re drowning in work to try and figure out the many ins and outs of having employees.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    If you are looking for long-term sustainability, then you are gonna want people that are walking and talking advocates for your brand. Employees are there to help you create a company culture.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    At the end of day, business owners must take responsibility to ethically move into the right direction when it comes to how you treat your team, whether that team is made up of contractor or employees

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    Here is an except from the Good Food CFO Podcast page:

    Don’t wait until you’re drowning in tasks to hire help! And rethink that strategy for saving money by hiring contractors…

    In this episode Kira’s sharing:

    • When it’s the right time to hire
    • How to determine what position to hire for first, or next (She’s got a free quiz too!)
    • Her 4 Paradigm Pillars
    • Contractors vs. employees and which is the right relationship for your business
    • 3 steps to take before hiring your first employee
    • The truth about offering employee benefits
    • How to build a business that aligns with you and your mission and avoid recreating the corporate culture you left

    Do you have a podcast or community that would benefit from a guest speaker about hiring and HR? Reach out!






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