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by Kiley VanGilder No company builds a team expecting their management team to poorly perform their essential duties….like managing their team. However, studies show that over half of employees plan to leave their current job due to a toxic work environment. A work environment is built and supported by the management team and oftentimes in […]

by Kira La Forgia Working in a small business doesn’t always allow for big time benefits, like a ping-pong table in the office, provided childcare, or free lunches and snacks. But, we can create alternative ways to show our employees that they are cared for and appreciated. Many of the following benefits are tax deductible, […]

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Before You Terminate an Employee for Poor Performance, Read This. by Kiley VanGilder Nixing an employee from the company is never a welcome task for business owners or the HR team.  The hardest termination to handle can often times be related to poor performance. Despite the numerous attempts to help reset an employee’s performance and […]

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By Kiley VanGilder Let’s be real, involuntary termination is not easy. If you’ve been through the process I can almost guarantee you didn’t walk into the meeting or log in to a Zoom room with complete confidence and no uneasy feelings anywhere to be found. If you’re shaking your head in agreement, it’s because you’re […]

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This Pride Month, we want to help you create work environments that uplift LGBTQ+ employees. Microaggressions are all too real, and are sometimes things that you may not have thought of. So here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts in creating a work place that welcomes everyone! Don’t : Ask someone if they are […]

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by Kiley VanGilder Juneteenth is an extremely important day for the United States of America, a day that should be celebrated by all companies! Juneteenth, observed on June 19th, is the oldest holiday in place celebrating the end of slavery in America. It’s a holiday that not a lot of companies are known to recognize […]

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The Importance of Including a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Policy in Your Company HR Handbook By Kiley VanGilder Why does it matter? Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) efforts are some of the most important topics in the workplace today. But oftentimes these words can turn into buzzwords that get turned into check boxes […]

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Written by Kira La Forgia, CEO & Founder | Paradigm Consulting “If employers actually took the time to care about queer people, there would be more successful queer people.” With 20% of the LGBTQ community living under the poverty line (HRC), there has to be some accountability assigned to employers to create workplace equality. The […]

Kira La Forgia and Dr. Noor Ali As an HR/People Operations consulting company, we know how important choosing the right benefits is for your company. To retain top talent, you have to be competitive which often starts with the perks and benefits you can offer your employees. When I sit down with our clients who […]

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Written by Kiley VanGilder Toxic Flexibility. Sounds a bit contradicting, right? Toxic and flexibility don’t go hand in hand, what in the world do you mean KIRA! We are trying to break those corporate chains, no more 9-5PM Monday-Friday schedules …flexibility isn’t toxic, its the key to it all!!!? Ok, ok, ok, I know what […]






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