The Department of Labor’s (DOL) groundbreaking new rule on Contractor vs. Employee classification is a game-changer for businesses and workers nationwide. But while it cleared up a ton of confusion about how to classify your team, it didn’t exactly hand us a step-by-step guide on what to do next. So, it’s no surprise that businesses […]

Let’s chat about those nail-biting, sweat-inducing ‘tough conversations’ with employees. You know, the ones — where your heart races faster than a caffeinated Yorkie?  Tackling these chats head-on is not just brave; it’s essential for a thriving workplace and a productive company culture. Avoiding them is like ignoring a squeaky wheel — eventually, the whole […]

If there’s one thing that gives HR a bad rap, it’s documentation.  The idea of a “paper trail” doesn’t exactly spark joy (thanks, corporate America, for making HR documentation all about covering your a$$ or getting someone in trouble 🙄) But if there’s one thing about Paradigm, it’s that we’re here to challenge the old […]

Oh look, it’s live footage of biases in hiring sneaking into your process to undermine your best efforts at finding the right fit for your role, your business, AND your team: It’s not just you; we all have them—both conscious and unconscious biases—sneaking into our decision-making like those annoying #influencers who infiltrate our Instagram feeds […]

At Grace Personalized, we craft exquisite handmade jewelry that celebrates love and captures cherished memories. Founded with a deep commitment to quality craftsmanship and meaningful design, our mission is to make high-quality jewelry accessible to everyone. Our pieces are more than accessories; they are symbols of love and connection in everyday life. The Founder Nguyen […]

Who We Are At Ava and The Bee, founded in 2018, we are more than just a digital marketing company for wedding professionals—we are passionate advocates for inclusive and results-driven marketing strategies that empower our clients and elevate their businesses. The Founder Adrienna McDermott, company founder and CEO, brings over 15 years of industry experience […]

Recent statistics on diversity in the workplace don’t lie: inclusivity is good for business. Here’s why: Imagine you finally find the perfect job candidate after what feels like a marathon of a search. It feels like a match made in heaven, but instead of snatching up your offer, they just…walk away. 🚶‍♀️💨 But rather than […]

An inclusive workplace that embraces diversity.

Inclusive workplace characteristics are the result of leaders committed to walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Have you ever heard the term “greenwashing”? It basically refers to the practice where brands make false claims about their product’s environmental benefits because they know it will make them more appealing to consumers.  It’s a sh*tty […]

Happy Juneteenth! Today isn’t just about marking the end of slavery, it’s a celebration of Black freedom. At Paradigm, we’re celebrating Juneteenth by digging deep to challenge the racial inequalities that still thrive in workplaces today. And even though I’m not an expert on anti-racism, I’m here to learn and grow. I’m here to do […]

Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter or Encore Empire share business coaching insights on reinventing your career later in life. Think your career’s best moments are in the rearview? Think again!  Join us as we dive into the transformative journeys of women who are turning decades of experience – in and out of the office – […]

Discover how one creative entrepreneur turned CEO keeps her passion alive while stepping into a leadership role. It can happen quickly. No, I’m not talking about the moment you finally understand why your parents got so excited over a new kitchen gadget or monogrammed hand towels on Christmas morning. (I get it now, Mom!) I’m […]

“How does working at your current job make you feel?” Imagine being a fly on the wall listening to your team answer that question.  Be honest, what do you think they’d say? Like a juggler, always one ball away from dropping everything? Or like a tightrope walker, teetering on the edge? Maybe like a machine […]






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