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Picture this: It’s January and your sales are continuing to climb. You are so excited that your business is doing what it is supposed to be doing. You look at the clock – another 9PM bedtime. Your partner is annoyed, you haven’t seen your kids (or dog) for a fully present and uninterrupted time period […]

Lattice Hudson is an online business coach & mentor who specializes in helping women entrepreneurs scale their online coaching business to 6 figures and beyond with strategy, systems and leveraged evergreen offers. Just like myself, Lattice also chose to leave a harmful corporate environment in September of 2018 to pursue other endeavors. Since leaving corporate, […]

Here at Paradigm, we are always looking for ways to incorporate more diverse and inclusive practices into our company culture. As a fully remote company, it can be easy to allow our work to seep into our daily lives, which is all the more reason to intentionally and purposely incorporate inclusive holidays into our annual […]

Written by Kiley VanGilder, Lead HR and Operations Strategist at Paradigm People Operations Consulting I know, I know… you probably want to crawl under your desk and completely avoid the topic of performance evaluations. Whether you have been on the giving or receiving end of a performance evaluation, you likely have felt the stress inducing […]

Written by Mallory Auth By now you’ve probably heard of the extensive benefits that come with having diverse teams in your business. Diversity helps to foster innovation, creativity, empathy, and much more in the workplace, but I hope that a better performing company is not the sole reason you want to diversify your team. In […]

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Written by Mallory Auth with content from Kira La Forgia. HR Documentation 101 may sound like the most boring thing ever… And that may be true, but in online business it is one of the most important steps you need to take in order to preserve the structure of your business and keep things running […]

Jen Lawrence Jenerosity Partners

I interviewed Jen Lawrence, of Jenerosity Partners, to talk about how to responsibly leverage personality assessments to hire and manage our teams. Being a productive team is not always easy, we can’t control the actions of our people, but we can work to understand them. My background is in utilizing the StrengthsFinder test to help […]

What We Can Learn From Neurodivergent CEOs in Online Business? The biggest thing that halts the progression of growth in a service based business is to stay in solopreneur mode. The map of business growth in online business is pretty straightforward actually. It starts with freelancing, moves into solo entrepreneurship, then moving into outsourcing to […]

Online entrepreneurs started businesses to be flexible, independent, and fulfilling. Entrepreneurs are a special breed; we will fight and exhaust ourselves in the interest of fReEdOm so we don’t have to be beholden to the needs of another person. The fact is, asking for help is often the key to growth. In this post, Meg […]

When I started in the workforce 12 years ago, bright eyed and bushy tailed, I never thought I would end up on the Human Resources side of business development. Honestly, the HR people were scary policy police that I didn’t want anything to do with as a cold call sales representative. When I started working […]








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