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I was lucky enough to be on my coach, Kelsey Kerslake’s podcast to talk all about my journey as a business owner. When I started Paradigm Consulting, I had no idea where I would be a year later. Kelsey took one of my services and encouraged and built the map for me to focus on my true zone of genius, HR and People Management, to which I have been lucky enough to find a lot more success and joy in the day to day of running my business.

In online business, scrolling through Instagram can put you in a position to see one post about a fellow entrepreneur hitting a milestone, and another talkin about how rest is the key to success. It’s not a bad thing, because we have the clarity to get out of the rat race. You’ve made it this […]

Have you heard the news? Classifying workers as employees or contractors is more high stakes than it used to be as laws in states continue to become more and more specific. Many online business owners have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of realizing they may have been treating and paying team members as independent […]

Ready, Set, Payroll:Setting Up Your Team in your Payroll system Setting up your team for payroll can seem overwhelming, complex, and enough of a stressor to make you put it off for even longer. Not paying your people can be more than just a sidenote, or another thing to push off to next month. This […]

I need help! But do I hire a contractor or employee? The Golden Rule Of Online Business: Treat Contractors The Way You Want to Be Treated (+ Laws Matter) When you started your business, you probably didn’t realize all the intricate details that go on behind the scenes of the brands that inspire you. It […]

Let’s face it, making the decision to take the leap from solopreneurship to CEO is scary. This kind of up-leveling is a whole new world of priorities, responsibilities and fears. So…. Ummm (awkward)– where’s the good part of this? Why would you even want to do this? One word: impact. Not only do you get […]

Please join us for our members only events in the Paradigm Shift this month!  Not a member yet? Join us here. Cash Uncomplicated Join Aaron Nannini, author of Cash Uncomplicated, as he guides us through tactics to keep our business profitable while maintaining control of our personal finances. April 8th at 5PM PST Click to […]

In 2020, I did a lot of talking. In 2021, I pledge to listen.  This is the first in a series of blog posts all about how to learn from each other and become a more compassionate person/business owner/leader/partner, and I hope you will join me.  First, I want to acknowledge that Jackie should not […]

Interview Spotlight: Aaron Nannini Personal Finance Expert and Author This month in the Paradigm Shift Network, we will be learning from Aaron about how to have a healthy money mindset and learn to keep our business profitable while maintaining control of our personal finances. Check out our interview and join us in the live workshop […]

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