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Kira La Forgia (and the cast of Selling Sunset) I have been managing people in an in-person setting for nearly decade, and while I have always considered myself to be a leadership “guru”, reading all the books, advocating for all the people, and fangirling over all the LinkedIn psychologists (my personal fave), I never really […]

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Kira La Forgia, CEO & Founder | Paradigm Consulting One of my favorite things about working in management consulting is the personal elements that come from setting up an amazing employee experience. In many ways, the employee experience is driven from start to finish by HR, with the HR policies running in the background of […]

If you didn’t know already, I’m here to tell you that turnover is expensive AF!! So how can you reduce turnover? Research suggests that employee engagement is key. Not only in terms of the money you lose, but also the time you lose by hiring, onboarding, and training a replacement employee. And when you’re running […]

By Kiley VanGilder, Paradigm’s Lead HR and Operations Strategist We’ve almost all heard of an exit interview. An exit interview occurs when an employee leaves the company. HR sits down with the employee and asks them for their honest feedback. There is a lot of valuable information that a company can gather from the employee […]

It’s no secret that I LOVE to talk about HR and Hiring. If you want the inside scoop of the business and brain behind Paradigm, you’re in luck! Some of the episodes focus on hiring or HR compliance, some on entrepreneurial mindset hacks, and almost all of them have a bit of goofing around. I […]

Being a leader can be the most rewarding and the hardest part of your day to day activities. There is nothing better than being able to count on someone else and know that they are going to be just as invested in their piece of your company as much as you are. Leadership means more […]

It’s your job to make sure your team is bringing their best everyday! As a manager, it can be hard to find a way to start conversations that lead to higher retention and a better work environment for everyone. More often than not, our team members don’t have the words (or the guts) to let […]

February 22, 2022 Written by Kira La Forgia, CEO of Paradigm People Operations Consulting™ When I started Paradigm People Operations Consulting in 2020, I started working primarily with female entrepreneurs. I quickly learned that women are waiting too long to bring people on to their teams, but it wasn’t until I hesitated for wayyy too long […]

The Online Business Owner is a media company fully dedicated to the needs of online business owners and digital entrepreneurs. One of their many resources, the Online Business Show podcast hosted by Tyler J. McCall, features interviews on online entrepreneurs and step-by-step business advice. I was so honored to be featured on an episode of […]

Written by Kiley VanGilder, Lead HR and Operations Strategist at Paradigm People Operations Consulting. Employee engagement can be somewhat of a roller coaster ride for employers. But that isn’t cause for panic. Every company will have growing pains and changes along the way. This is oftentimes a result of a shift in their company culture. […]






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