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    Back to Basics Series: The Function of a Business Plan

    September 16, 2020

    Use Paradigm’s Method to Make Your Business Plan Reflect Who You Are and Where You Are Taking Your Business

    This is why I developed a framework that will evolve with you, give your business a foundation to build on and provide stability on which you can grow and develop your brand.

    Ok so 2020 was… not the best for a lot of people. A lot of people are suffering, scared, and grieving. Grieving for the loss of 200,000 Americans, for the rising awareness of the mistreatment of BIPOC in our communities, for Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and many other victims of needless brutality. We are also grieving the things that we thought were inevitable certainties: our lifestyles, our income, our ability to see friends and family freely and without fear.

    We’ve also seen innovation at faster rates than ever before. We have seen so many small businesses close, and new businesses popping up at 200% the normal rate.

    It’s easier than ever to “start a business” but this can be a huge disadvantage to first time business owners. Because we no longer need to call an attorney, draft a Business Plan, rent an office space, and invest thousands in getting ideas off the ground (thank you internet!), entrepreneurs tend to DIY their business. While I am a big proponent of failure as a gift, we should never go into something expecting to fail. Only 50% of small businesses survive past 5 years!

    It is my mission to set up (female) entrepreneurs for success. And I know what you are dealing with! I have been there!

    You hate to hear it, and there is conflicting schools of thought out there that may say you dont need a business plan. And to some extent, this is true. You don’t need a TRADITIONAL business plan. But you do need a road map, a vision outline, a framework, a commitment to a solid foundation.

    So let’s give your business it’s best chance, yes?

    Did you skip making a business plan for your business because:
    They can be extremely expensive, time consuming, and intimidating as hell.
    someone told you you don’t need one
    some of the terminology overwhelmed you?
    Googled “Business Plan” and then your were like f*ck that s#it!

    Feeling attacked yet? Then you are not going to like these!

    ‍♀️-Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your business?
    ‍♀️-Had trouble making decisions?
    ‍♀️-Trouble focusing?
    ‍♀️-Get super excited about an idea and then never follow through
    ‍♀️-Draw a blank when it came to creating meaningful content?

    Yes to those too? I’ve been there!

    No bullshit: you need a legit BUSINESS PLAN. Not a course. Not an email list. Not a funnel. Not a new logo or website. YET. Those will work better for you when this is handled-I promise.

    I GET IT! Even with a graduate degree, 10 years of experience in my field, & a nerdy l❤️ve for biz jargon, writing a biz plan for my own business felt impossible. BECAUSE THE WAY I WAS TAUGHT TO CREATE A BUSINESS PLAN WAS POINTLESS FOR WHAT I NEEDED.

    Don’t spend time, energy, or money on shit that doesn’t serve you.

    So what do we do when something isn’t working? Make up a new thing that does the job!

    We became entrepreneurs because we want freedom; freedom of time, freedom to put our energy where we want, freedom to create meaningful change. We need a plan that reflects that. Let’s make the boring shit fun and purposeful, so that we want to do it.

    This is why I developed a framework that will evolve with you, give your business a foundation to build on and provide stability on which you can grow and develop your brand.

    Old School Business Process + Modern Practices = Clarity and Predictability

    There is wisdom in traditional business practices if you know where to look.

    Ambiguity breeds mediocrity.

    This is the sign you have been waiting for. Quit procrastinating. Give your business the beautiful foundation it deserves, and hit the ground running in 2021.

    I mean, it’s already going to be better than 2020. Let’s leverage that momentum. Schedule a call or book your 1 on 1 strategy session to get your Business Plan handled and start mapping out your goals for 2021.






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