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    The 4 Pillars Blog Series Kickoff!

    October 9, 2020

    Where do I start when I want to start a business? What can I do to keep it all together? A productive business doesn’t mean adding more tools and systems, it means using your tools and resources effectively.

    Finding the right systems is a personal thing for entrepreneurs and small business owners… and rightfully so! The reality of business ownership is that you spend a vast majority of your time working within your systems and processes.

    It is a good idea to ensure the path that you want your company to take before you choose and invest time energy and money into systems that may not work in your favor.

    Cue the pressure cooker, right? No wonder many women stop before they start.

    Let’s dive into each of these pillars.

    1. 1. Communication
    2. 2. Marketing
    3. 3. Internal
    4. 4. External

    To learn more about how to DIY the Communication of your start up, check out Google Workspaces here. The Paradigm is a proud user of the Google Suite, but your preference may be different. We have also included a discount code should you decide to take the plunge.

    The Marketing Pillar is a lot more involved than just Instagram posts and a link to a website. Our number one tip is to ask for help early and often if you are not a marketing professional. Read more about the marketing pillar here.

    The Internal pillar, or the project management pillar is the non-client/non-customer facing part of your business. Read more about how to manage the backend of your business and take ownership over your productivity.

    And last but not least, all the pretty stuff your client’s see and use when they work with you. Often, this is a CRM, especially if you have multiple clients you are balancing at once. Check it out here and get discounts on my two favorites: Honeybook and Dubsado.






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