We’re baaaack baby! Kelli Jones and I are picking up where we left off with more Bravo legal drama, more HR disasters, and more fun. And maybe a little snark. I mean, we ARE talking about Bravo afterall. Kelli is a trademark attorney, a fellow reality TV aficionado, and my go-to friend for Bravo legal […]

Here’s 1 of the 398,402 things nobody teaches you when building a brand and becoming a leader: Your external brand ≠ your internal company culture. Just because the world sees your brand in a certain light doesn’t mean your team has to march to that beat behind the scenes. Few people know this better than […]

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“I just need another me.” We have probably all said this before. The reality is that we pour ourselves into our businesses and believe we know what is best. But, is another you what you really need? Someone who works and does everything the way you do? This answer might shock you, but NO, you […]

Even with the best training, resources, and management in the world, your employees will need feedback. Sometimes, that feedback is hard to give. Whether it’s telling them they need to provide higher quality work, you want to address their behavior, or you have to let them go… you will eventually have a difficult conversation with […]

Lattice Hudson is an online business coach & mentor who specializes in helping women entrepreneurs scale their online coaching business to 6 figures and beyond with strategy, systems and leveraged evergreen offers. Just like myself, Lattice also chose to leave a harmful corporate environment in September of 2018 to pursue other endeavors. Since leaving corporate, […]

I was lucky enough to be on my coach, Kelsey Kerslake’s podcast to talk all about my journey as a business owner. When I started Paradigm Consulting, I had no idea where I would be a year later. Kelsey took one of my services and encouraged and built the map for me to focus on my true zone of genius, HR and People Management, to which I have been lucky enough to find a lot more success and joy in the day to day of running my business.






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