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    Running an Effective Year End Meeting And Why It Matters

    December 2, 2023

    As we bid a not-so-sad farewell to another year, now is the perfect time to get your Year End Wrap-Up Team Meeting on your calendar in the next few weeks. If you’re sitting here thinking, “A what now?!” that’s okay! That’s why we’re here, right? Let’s talk about this unique meeting and what makes it not just another item on your calendar but a pivotal moment for your team and business.

    After all, an end-of-year meeting with your team isn’t just a regular catch-up and recap of all your business successes and shortcomings from the past 12 months. It’s a unique opportunity to build upon your company culture and reflect, celebrate, connect, and set the stage for the future. This meeting requires different preparation. It’s not about crunching numbers or checking off KPIs; it’s about people, progress, and potential.

    Crafting a Meaningful Agenda

    I’m not going to walk you through exactly HOW to plan and facilitate your meeting (although if you are looking for that kind of guidance, THIS is exactly what you need.) But I do want to spend a few minutes on a general overview of the agenda as a way to demonstrate what makes this meeting unique. Your meeting should ideally have three key sections:

    Yearly Business Overview:

    Look back at the past year and highlight the achievements, learn from the setbacks, and most importantly, celebrate the journey. It’s not as much about what was done but how it was done. Focusing on the “how” instead of the “what” is a powerful way to make people feel seen, heard, and valued for the work they do in your business and the unique strengths they all bring to the table, instead of just the outcomes. 

    Business Goals For The Upcoming Year:

    Shift the focus to the future to get people motivated and excited, and to help them visualize how they can add value in the coming year. When you are open and transparent about where you see the future of your business, it invites your team into the process and creates more loyalty and buy-in. Make these discussions inclusive; every team member should feel they have a stake in the direction and success of the business.

    Professional and Personal Intentions:

    This is where you have to lead by example and get personal. Encourage your team to share their aspirations to build a deeper connection within the team and align personal growth with business success. Make sure you’re creating a space where people feel safe and supported to share. The best way to do that is to get vulnerable yourself, even if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable. 

    Tips for a Meaningful End Of Year Meeting:

    Level the Playing Field

    Before diving into the agenda, bringing everyone to the same level is crucial. Whether someone is a fresh hire or a seasoned member, each voice is valuable (make sure everyone knows that!) A level playing field creates a space of mutual respect and open communication.

    Frame Business Results Constructively

    The whole point of this meeting is to reflect, give and receive feedback, celebrate, and motivate for the following year. So when discussing business results, good or bad, frame them as a foundation for constructive dialogue. The goal is to create a productive environment where results are not sources of shame or anxiety but stepping stones to improvement and growth.

    Approach The Meeting With an Open And Culture-Drive Mindset

    Prepare for this meeting with an open mind and a focus on your company culture. This isn’t just about facts and figures; it’s about your team’s journey and development. The end-of-year meeting should reflect the human side of your business – the dreams, the challenges, and your commitment to your team’s wellbeing. How you respond to people’s feedback is a key indicator of your company culture, so set the tone accordingly and listen with an open heart and mind.

    Create The Right Environment

    This meeting should be a safe space for feedback, reflection, and motivation. As you prepare, consider how to make everyone feel valued and heard. Don’t catch people off guard or put them on the spot; let people know that this meeting will look slightly different from your standard team meeting and that they will be expected to participate and share. The environment you create here will set the tone for the year ahead.

    A successful end-of-year meeting can significantly impact your team’s morale, your business’s trajectory, and your employee’s perception of you as a leader. It’s not just a wrap-up; it’s a launch pad into the future and a crucial building block of your company culture. We’re excited to hear how your end-of-year meetings go and the amazing things you and your team will accomplish next year!

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