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    Feature: The Online Business Show Podcast

    February 17, 2022

    The Online Business Owner is a media company fully dedicated to the needs of online business owners and digital entrepreneurs. One of their many resources, the Online Business Show podcast hosted by Tyler J. McCall, features interviews on online entrepreneurs and step-by-step business advice.

    I was so honored to be featured on an episode of the Online Business Show alongside some amazing online business owners.

    Taken from the podcast show notes:

    • Meg Baker is the CEO and founder of Meg K and Co – a hiring agency that educates entrepreneurs on how to hire in their business.
    • Tianna Tye  is the CEO and founder of The Leader Circle that helps high-level business owners to elevate their leadership skills, activate their team’s full potential, transition from contractors to F/T employees, and increase their overall productivity and operational capacity. 

    Give the episode a listen to hear the ins-and-outs of hiring for your online business!

    “To hire an employee… it’s really more about the work that you’re doing on yourself and your relationship with the person, whereas with the contractor, it’s really about doing the work on your business.”

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    “You don’t have to hire just what your friends are hiring. You can create the role that makes sense with your business. So a lot of times we do need to have hybrid [positions], but you just want to make sure the hybrid makes sense.”

    -Meg K Baker

    “I don’t like to waste my time. My clients don’t like to waste their time. And it’s a big time suck to be finding these people, recruiting them, bringing them onto the team and then spending six months figuring out that this isn’t what your company needed in the first place.”

    -Tianna Tye

    “You’re hiring for a role in your business and your business has a need, but also you’re hiring a human, they have goals and objectives of their own.”

    -Tyler J. McCall

    Here is an except from the Online Business Show Podcast page:

    Hiring in your online business can be one of the most exciting and scary things you ever do! Exciting: finally getting support for your work and your vision. Scary: how do you do it and who do you hire? In this Business Round Table I’m joined by hiring, leadership, and HR pros to walk you through the process.

    Episode Highlights:

    • What questions would you ask to help someone determine the role they need in their business? What things would you ask someone to consider?
      • Kira – your business is number one meaning you need to ensure that you’re not only legally set up to support a new employee but that you and your current team are emotionally ready to bring someone on and properly support them.
    • Employee or contractor? Freelancer or service provider?
      • Kira – there are benefits to both, but the main thing is that you don’t really get to choose. You need to ensure that you have the kind of person to fill the real needs and gaps that you have. 
    • What are your thoughts on figuring out a fair wage for a role in your business?
      • Kira – Consider what the solubility is in the hiring area, what the revenue of the particular business is, what the market requires, what the cost of living is for the employees, and more. It’s also not always something you need to figure out right away, sometimes you can look at the candidates you get and decide what to pay by the kind of needs you’re able to fill.
    • Number one tip for building a thriving online business that you love. 
      • Kira – Build your business around doing something that you like to do because it’ll shine through all of the different ways that you are going to serve people.

    Do you have a podcast or community that would benefit from a guest speaker about hiring and HR? Reach out!






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