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    Nailing The Nuances: Job Titles And Hiring The Right Match with Alisha Kumar

    August 16, 2023

    Imagine this:

    Your business is thriving, raking in steady revenue, and you’re finally ready to hire someone to handle someone to take over that one thing that always falls to the bottom of your to-do list: social media.

    You’re looking for someone who can handle the higher-level responsibilities: crafting strategic campaigns, orchestrating paid advertising efforts, coordinating marketing objectives across channels. Y’know, the stuff that keeps you up at night.

    Your biz bestie just hired a Social Media Manager, and it’s been great for her. So you draw inspiration from her job description, tailor it to suit your own business, and blast it out to your network.

    But, the plot thickens as resumes pile up and the interviews kick in. Turns out, the folks who respond to a Social Media Manager job post are all about handling the everyday nitty-gritty of social media and charming your digital crowd, but that bigger picture stuff, the grand strategy you’ve been itching for? Not so much.

    That’s because advertising for a Social Media Manager when what you’re really after is a Social Media Marketer is an all-too-common mistake that causes major headaches. The slight variation in those job titles may seem like no biggie, but the difference between “Marketer” and “Manager” will totally shape your hiring journey – from the kind of folks you attract to money talks to work product, and a bunch more in between. 

    This example of job title nuances was brought to us by Alisha Kumar on this week’s episode of On The Up and Up. Alisha is the Founder and Creative Director of The Social Project, a social media agency specialized in building lifestyle brands, and she knows marketing like the back of her hand.

    With over 13 years in the marketing industry, Alisha has experience working with some of the world’s most innovative and forward thinking brands, developing out of the box and momentous marketing campaigns that never fail to make a statement. She is passionate about helping businesses take advantage of marketing efforts to create a unique footprint and has a knack of thinking big picture, while getting down to every detail needed. 

    Kira and Alisha dive into:

    🌟Common mistakes people make when hiring social media managers

    🌟The difference between a Social Media Manager and a Social Media Marketer

    🌟 Questions to ask in an interview to find someone who really knows what they’re doing (and not someone who just watched a few online tutorials and claims to be an expert) 

    🌟 What has and hasn’t changed for women of color in the online business workplace 

    🌟 Showing up “authentically” online vs. conducting business in person 

    🌟 The pipeline of leads and #1 skill every business owner should have

    Avoiding Costly Hiring Mistakes

    Now, tuning into Alisha’s expertise may have saved you from a hiring mistake for your next social media role. And that’s a HUGE win for us! But what if you’ve got social media covered and you need to hire for another area of business? 

    You probably have a good sense of the role you want to fill. But grasping the finer points of job titles is key to aligning the role with the right candidate. We’re here to help you navigate those subtleties across any position your business needs, ensuring that your hiring process runs smoothly. 


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