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    Delegation Dynamics: The Art of Stepping Away

    August 23, 2023

    So you’ve finally made it: you’re the HBIC of your business empire, a.k.a. the head honcho, the ultimate decision-maker. You have a kickass team who works in their zone of genius to support you.

    It feels like you’ve arrived (because let’s be real, you have!)

    If nobody’s told you this yet: it’s time for a break. Like an actual no-laptop, drink-in-hand, butt-in-sand, forget-what-day-it-is VACATION. 

    Never heard of her?

    I get it. Most business owners I know have a realllllly hard time fully shutting off and stepping away from their business, even for just a few days *sheepishly raises my own hand*

    But just because you’ve got the moves doesn’t mean you can twirl in all directions. That’s where delegation comes in.

    Delegating isn’t about bossing everyone around à la Ramona Singer. And it’s not just passing the baton or keeping tabs on to-do lists.  It’s more like orchestrating your own reality show with your chosen cast of experts (remember those folks we mentioned earlier that you hired to work in their zones of genius? Yeah, them.) It’s about embracing your strengths, while letting your team strut their stuff.

    “But Isn’t Delegating a Sign of Weakness?”

    A lot of people see delegation as a way for leaders to offload unwanted tasks or shirk their responsibilities. This couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. 

    In reality, effective delegation is a strategic leadership skill that showcases your ability to prioritize, communicate, and empower your team members. It’s about distributing tasks wisely based on skill sets and optimizing everyone’s contributions to achieve overall success. 

    True delegation is not about dodging work; it’s about using your team’s skills for maximum impact.

    So let me be crystal clear: DELEGATION IS THE ULTIMATE LEADERSHIP MOVE! 💪

    Learning To Delegate

    Mastering delegation isn’t as easy as picking a buzzy tagline. It’s more like navigating the complex dynamics of a Housewives reunion. You start as the newbie who’s finding her stride, and over time, you morph into the seasoned pro who can tackle even the most dramatic scenes. 

    The best part? Every victory is a shared toast! Delegation isn’t just a strategy; it’s an invitation to your team’s growth and your business’s glamorous triumph. And best of all, it’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself as a business owner.

    So channel your inner Andy Cohen, wrangle your cast of experts, and let the delegation extravaganza begin. Because let’s face it – the best reality shows are ensemble casts, not one-woman spectacles.  

    Delegation Dynamics with Marrin Costello

    When it comes to delegating, Marrin Costello has got it down. But it didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t always go perfectly. Lucky for us, she’s sharing her journey on this week’s episode of On The Up & Up!

    Marrin Costello, is an American businesswoman, designer, and brand-architect of her eponymous jewelry brand. During our conversation, we dug into:

    💎 Her journey in self-development and how it correlates to her craft as a jewelry designer and business owner;

    💎 How she reverse engineered building a business around her established brand;

    💎 The value of building community around a brand;

    💎 Listening to the market to inspire and inform business decisions;

    💎 Harmonizing masculine and the feminine energies in business;

    💎 How she curated her own life in order to cultivate her brand;

    💎 Delegation as the true measure of a leader (and her lessons from early delegation dynamics)

    Listen Now!

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