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    Stop Believing These HR Myths

    March 1, 2023

    The internet is full of bad advice, and there are a lot of myths surrounding HR and hiring. And honestly, most of this advice comes from self-proclaimed “coaches” or “business experts.” 

    That’s not to say that everyone who’s not an HR professional gives bad advice. But just having hired a few employees doesn’t make someone an expert. So when you see hiring advice online, it’s important to check out the source. 

    All those pervasive HR myths can destroy your confidence and hold you back from a positive, successful hiring experience.

    So, what’s the truth when it comes to HR and hiring? I’ve got some answers based on my own experience hiring hundreds of people (for in-person and remote roles) and previous convos with fellow hiring experts.

    This episode is all about debunking the top hiring myths.

    • “Hire before you’re ready”: If you’re not ready because you’re scared, push past that. If you’re not ready to give employees the support they need, then wait.
    • “Hiring is like dating”: Ew, David. Focusing on your personal comfort level or “gut feeling” often leads to problematic decisions.
    • “You can treat contractors like employees”: They’re not the same, and expecting contractors to work like employees is a serious compliance problem.
    • “Hire slow, fire fast”: This is the ultimate corporate cop-out. Creating arbitrarily complex hiring processes is ableist and a waste of everyone’s time. Likewise, don’t just fire someone without re-evaluating your expectations or training processes.

    I’m going into why these myths persist and giving you the real inside scoop so you can go into hiring with realistic expectations. Plus, I’ve got advice on creating HR processes that respect everyone involved. You can check out our blog all about hiring myths to dive even deeper!

    What are your thoughts on these hiring myths? Let me know — tag @theparadigmm or send me a DM on Instagram! And don’t forget to review and share this episode with any small business owners you know.

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