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    Love Notes & Leadership: Cultivating Culture Through Internal Communication

    February 14, 2024

    In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s bring it in for a quick heart to heart about your team’s internal communication strategy.

    Be honest…is it working well for everyone? Or is your leadership love language getting lost in a sea of Slacks, Zooms, Voxers, emails, texts, carrier pigeons…?

    We get it, team communication is a journey and finding the right flow takes time. But I promise you, there is a world in which your internal communication strategy is more than Slacking and Zooming, but a strategic tool for supporting everyone’s best, most productive selves. As leaders it’s up to us to cultivate an environment that fosters clear, respectful, and productive exchanges. It’s about creating the perfect setting for our teams to thrive, with guidelines that make sense for the when, how, and where of our conversations.

    Internal Communication In Action

    Let’s take a quick sec to look at how communication strategy can shape the workplace vibe:

    When you envision a workspace where everyone’s glued to Slack, expected to snap back to messages within minutes or jump into calls at the drop of a dime, consider the bigger picture. How does being constantly “on-call” affect their focus, their flow, their genius?

    I’m not advocating for radio silence and never checking in with your team. Far from it! Instead, this is a call to embrace structure and clarity as the backbone for effective communication. So how do we ensure our internal chat isn’t just noise, but an indicator of your company culture and values?

    Tune into this week’s episode of On The Up & Up to find out!

    Listen Now!

    More On Building Trust At Work

    If you missed last week’s episode, we talked about simple but effective ways that you can build trust with your remote team. Trust and effective communication are two sides of the same coin, so be sure to tune in here if you missed it!






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