Do you really need a bunch of HR documents for your business? And if so, how do you know which ones you need? Today, I’m excited to share my conversation with none other than my right-hand woman, Kiley VanGilder! Kiley has helped me build Paradigm from the ground up, and she’s the expert that our […]

What does it really look like to go from being a freelance creative to an effective CEO of a creative-focused business? How do you build the work culture you want? And how do you balance your detail-oriented personality with the need to let your team members have ownership of their responsibilities? I cover all those […]

Is it time to terminate an employee? How do you know for sure? And how do you let someone go in a respectful (and legal) way?  Firing someone is hard — it can be highly emotional, even if you feel confident in your decision. Termination is also a minefield for compliance. If you do something […]

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I’m so excited to share my conversation with Steph Weber of The Weber Co., a full-service branding and marketing company. Steph focuses primarily on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners develop a clear, authentic brand and a marketing strategy to support it. Steph and I covered a lot of ground, from branding and marketing to […]

The internet is full of bad advice, and there are a lot of myths surrounding HR and hiring. And honestly, most of this advice comes from self-proclaimed “coaches” or “business experts.”  That’s not to say that everyone who’s not an HR professional gives bad advice. But just having hired a few employees doesn’t make someone […]

Does growing a small business ever come to mind, or has that been way off in left field? Where do you really want to be in your business? That’s the first question you need to answer before you decide to scale and hire a team.  You might love working in your niche and getting a […]

Is your business stagnating because you aren’t hiring the help you need? Are you unsure what’s stopping you from hiring? I see so many small business owners wait way too long to hire their first employee or grow their team. They know they need help but they just don’t make it happen. So what’s the […]

You’ve thought about it long and hard. You’ve wondered if you can keep doing it all yourself (you can’t). You’ve tried to find another contractor to pick up some of the pieces, but you just need more dedicated help. And now you’re ready. It’s time to hire your first employee. Except… you have no clue […]

Even with the best training, resources, and management in the world, your employees will need feedback. Sometimes, that feedback is hard to give. Whether it’s telling them they need to provide higher quality work, you want to address their behavior, or you have to let them go… you will eventually have a difficult conversation with […]

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It’s no secret that I LOVE to talk about HR and Hiring. So Podcasts are everything to us! If you want the inside scoop of the business and brain behind Paradigm, you’re in luck! Some of these podcast episodes focus on hiring or HR compliance, some on entrepreneurial mindset hacks, and almost all of them […]






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