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    Client And Employee Appreciation Gifts 101 with Kristin Fisher

    April 24, 2024

    When done right, employee and client appreciation gifts can stop your recipient in their tracks and generate a fantastic ROI. #goals

    But if you miss the mark, they’ll breeze past these gifts without a second thought, tossing them (and your hard-earned business dollars) in the trash as they go.

    Eh ehm, no, that new client you just signed doesn’t feel special opening a box of generic, branded knick-knacks weeks after onboarding. And another branded water bottle or notebook doesn’t make your employees feel seen and appreciated for their hard work.

    Turns out, there’s a lot to consider in crafting a gift-giving strategy!

    This week, the Queen of intentional client and employee appreciation gifts, Kristin Fisher of Bocu, joins us to discuss how and why to integrate thoughtful gifts into your overall marketing strategy.

    We’re unwrapping client and employee appreciation gifts 101:

    • Strategies for meaningful and purposeful B2B and B2C gifting that reflect your values and ensure a worthwhile investment.
    • The trust that develops through the physical exchange of gifts.
    • Why promotional materials are not equivalent to client or employee appreciation gifts.
    • When to include your logo on a gift and when to leave it off.
    • Tips for maximizing your gifting budget to achieve the greatest return.
    • Innovative and affordable ways to show appreciation that deliver tangible ROI.

    She’s also built an incredibly thoughtful and intentional ecommerce brand that we’re swooning over. Whether you’re product or service based, there’s something for everyone in this episode!

    About Kristin:

    Kristin is a former corporate retail buyer turned small business owner & retail coach. Bocu came to life in 2018 as a solution to make it easier to send a thoughtful gift without sacrificing your gift-giving style or standards. 

    Listen Now!

    Links Mentioned:

    For client and employee gifting:

    Head to and use the code UpAndUp15 to receive 15% off

    Follow Bocu on IG @shopbocu 

    For product-based brands:

    Kristin also offers Retail Strategy Coaching and Mentorship for product-based brands, makers, brick and mortar stores. Visit to learn more!






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