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    Attraction vs Outreach Recruiting

    October 19, 2022

    By Kiley Van Guilder

    What is the difference between attraction and outreach recruiting? Let’s break it down for you!

    Attraction Recruiting

    Put simply, attraction recruiting is building a presence as not only a company or business known and recognized by clients and others for products or services you provide, but an intentional establishment as an employer with a remote team presence. 

    When people around you recognize you for both your products and services and your intentional practices, you are likely to achieve more benefits as a company and who it is you are attracting both in clients and employees. 

    Benefits of Attraction Recruiting

    The benefits of attraction recruiting can vary, but below are a list of some benefits of attraction recruiting: 

    • Establishing yourself as an employer of choice
    • Attracting high quality candidates who are passionate about your mission, creating buy in from the start
    • Less money and time spent before hire and after hire in the recruiting and onboarding process

    Become an Employer of Choice

    You want to optimize your team to be the kind of environment that people would want to work in. This will naturally attract top candidates. For more tips on how to make the most out of your Remote Team, check out this article on building Remote Team Chemistry.

    • Be authentic as a person running a business, employers who publicly demonstrate a personal connection with their founder and/or their leaders will have higher quality, bought in candidates.
    • Be brutal about your company values. Check out to this podcast from Easy Scaling where Kira and Jordan talk about just that.
    • Talk openly about your team – establishing a culture of recognition and autonomy outside of the team bubble.
    • When the time comes to establish a recruiting strategy, create a pathway for communication with potential applicants as far ahead of the actual job posting as possible.

    Outreach Recruiting

    At the end of the day, all recruiting strategies perform best with a clear and strategic company message to future team members. Whether you are seeking out candidates who align with what your job description outlines, or are looking for candidates who have experience in your industry that you want to collaborate with on a deep level, being able to show an attractive culture and employee experience will ultimately keep candidates interested in your company.

    The Big Difference

    If you want to hire an aligned team, you have to incorporate attraction recruiting methods wayyyy before you even post the job. Just like when attracting clients and customers, we want to give our candidates a place to land that enables them to be part of our experience.

    How to Know if You’re Doing it Right? 

    1. You have people sliding into your DMs/emails wanting to work for you.
    2. You have an audience that is not only made up of potential clients or customers, but fans of your work and thought leadership.
    3. Every time you post about a potential opportunity within your company, you see lots of saves, shares, and even DMs from people referring friends or family to you.

    Overall, your recruiting strategy needs to have a combination of both Outreach and Attraction Recruiting. You can’t just overnight build a company around attraction recruiting. But you can put in the work early to lay the foundations to be, not only a company of choice, but an employer of choice as well. Don’t fall into recruiting, be intentional and plan your strategy before you make the leap.

    Being your most authentic self will get you farther than you could imagine!

    Here is an episode of our client, Steph Weber of The Weber Co. and listen to how building your employer brand can help you become an employer of choice and have a bought in crew of individuals knocking down your door when it’s time to hire.






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