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    How to Know If Your Business is Ready For Growth

    September 28, 2022

    by Kiley VanGilder

    Your business is growing. Where do you go from here?

    Whether its been a rapid-rise to success or a slow and steady pace to your current growth, you’ve made it to a crossroad. You can’t scale your business further than where it’s at now because you are completely maxed out. If you’ve watched our Start A Team Workshop, you can relate this to my favorite cup analogy. Your cup is overflowing, there is no more room to put anymore water in your cup.

    If you are feeling like you are a cup that is close to, at, or has been overflowing, this is your sign it is time to grow your team to compliment your business growth. If you are feeling those burnt-out ‘why-am-I-doing-this’ feelings you are like hundreds, maybe thousands, of other business owners who have been in those shoes. The way in which you respond to this feeling, in this very moment, is going to shape the outcome of your scaling business.

    Choose wisely!

    If you’re questioning the time and effort it’s going to take to build a team, time and effort which you do not have – I would highly suggest you take 90 minutes out of your morning or evening to watch our Start a Team Workshop. You will learn the details and thought behind what it will take to grow your team in both an intentional and compliant way.

    I won’t sugar coat it, building a team isn’t as simple as 1, 2, 3. You’ll learn exactly what it takes and see the charts of what to expect after hiring in the workshop. However, once you onboard your team member and begin delegating some of your workload to your employee, you will quickly realize what it’s like to get that CEO brain back and functioning at full capacity. With that and a team member on the same mission as you, your business is going to scale, with less of the headache you had beforehand.

    If you need more personal, one on one assistance to plan out your team dynamics and get you ready to onboard an employee, check out our additional services. Or follow us on Instagram!






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