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Ready to start planning your team in just 90 minutes?


This no-fluff workshop sets you up to hire a team with confidence.


Admit it... You've known this was coming for a while... 

Starting a team can be wildly overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

One thing I know from experience, is you’ll be able to grow a multi-six figure business without delay, all while enjoying the process and making it look effortless IF (and only if) you embrace the art of team management and leadership. 

Just what you want to hear when it’s time to escape overwhelm and take your business to the next level, right? 

Ready to get started?

so... it's time to start a team & you want to do it right

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Understand what you need from your team, so you can communicate clearly and kindly

Learn the difference between an employee and a contractor so you decide the right path and stay legit every step of the way

Discover the secret signs that your online business is ready to go to new heights now 

See how to ensure your team hits the ground running so you can secure a return on your investment in 90 days or less 

Uncover the full cost of hiring someone so you never get slowed down or discouraged by nasty surprises

Create a company culture that your team will be proud to be a part of, and makes your company fun to run


As a business owner myself who has hired hundreds of employees both in person and online,  I can show you how to make it happen for your business the right way. Plus you can do it all on your own schedule, what could possibly be better?

Ready to unlock your potential?

Here at Paradigm Consulting, we want to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and online companies get everything they need to accelerate and streamline their team growth. 

In this 90 minute, no fluff workshop, you will walk away with the basics you need in order to make the decisions that will jump start your road to hiring a team.

In fact, this workshop will help you see the possibilities so you can decide what is right for YOU, and not just what everyone on Instagram is telling you to do. 

And you can take it at your own pace. Watch the whole thing in one sitting, break it up, or rewatch to your heart's content. 

I'm Kira, your new fave HR lady! 

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& Grow your business the right way

Start A Team