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    The #1 Hack to Higher Sales Without the Sleaze

    August 30, 2020

    Why you need your systems to be your most effective salesperson.

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    There is so much anxiety, fear, and stigma around being a sales person as an entrepreneur. The fact of the matter is if you are going to sell your services and fulfill your purpose then you need to be able to be your own advocate and your own hype girl.

    Here’s the irony: there is no stigma around marketing! There are more marketing professionals, brand designers, & strategists than ever before. If your marketing is the voice of your brand, then your systems are the brains behind the operations. If you are lacking in one, you are selling empty promises. NOT COOL. Treat your business better than this! It needs love too!

    Once you get your mindset right around the myths of sales as sleazy, opportunist, or greedy, and see it as marketing, you can strategize many different funnels in which you can earn clients and seal the deal with prospective leads.

    No matter who your ideal client is, they are they are going to respond positively to a seamless system. This means that you will book them flawlessly, provide a place for them to refer people more seamlessly, and allow working with you to be something easy and enjoyable, instead of frustrating, annoying, or inconvenient.

    Individuals who are the most effective and successful, will be drawn to efficient and time saving processes, even if it costs them more. Quality over quanitity creates a sales cycle with your systems and your sales conversions where one mirrors the other. For example, if your client uses your services to catapult to a high level of success, with a great product, then you will be aligned with a high quality, successful advocate for your services.

    People remember you if you make their lives easier.

    I have seen actual clients that I work with with years of professional experience, talent, and higher education get beat out in sales by newbie entrepreneurs with beautiful marketing and seamless systems, and a fraction of their experience.

    If you look at it that way, then it is not only you’re in the best interest of your business to establish effective systems, but it is also your responsibility as an entrepreneur to check all the boxes of a potential clients needs.

    A clear and memorable client experience is a non-negotiable to most of us, and as a result, you will generate more referrals and be more strategic with your marketing dollars and your precious time with effective and responsive systems.

    Sending a client through an ineffective, unresponsive or unprofessional system is the equivalent of disrespecting their precious time and money. As technology makes it easier and easier for people to get things done quickly and efficiently, systems are no longer optional.

    Trigger warning: if you don’t have your systems in order, you can’t call yourself an entrepreneur. #sorrynotsorry

    Need help getting your systems in order? Let’s start with a free consultation of your choice, and see how we can help.






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