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    Going Deeper With Shannon Matson of The Social Bungalow

    July 12, 2023

    In today’s world, I feel like there is a constant need to fit in and stand out all at once. And what I mean by that is, we are trying things differently because there are things that should be changed in the business world: equality, inclusivity, 4-day work weeks, and Wine Wednesday (I know that last one is not just me!).

    If you follow the work trends, you may have implemented things like summer Fridays, unlimited PTO, walking meetings, or naps at work. These are all great, and I love the idea of getting away from anything that resembles a 9-5 work-to-the-bone job. BUT at the same time, there is a goal that stays constant with any business: having a successful business and staying relevant. We all want to fit into that category 🙋🏻‍♀️

    With the release of Threads last week and whatever else is to come next week, I can’t help but think: What are the timeless business strategies? The ones that will be around through the trends.

    Not to age myself here, but I have been around for the trends. I have also tried some here and there (I will not be sharing any pictures of my personal 2000s trends… Yikes!). Through all the trends, good and bad, quality over quantity and keeping it SIMPLE have proven to be timeless!

    The Queen of Keeping it Simple

    In this week’s episode of “On the Up and Up,” we talk with Shannon Matson, CEO and Founder of The Social Bungalow, an education company that helps entrepreneurs structure simple yet sophisticated online businesses. With comprehensive experience in marketing and advertising, Shannon prides herself on helping others structure and market their businesses for exceptional growth.

    Her journey began in the corporate world, where she held titles such as VP of Marketing for a global publishing company and National Director of Sales & Marketing for a fitness franchise. These varying industries and array of accreditations – from pursuing continued education credits in copywriting, which she utilized to write weekly articles for Forbes and, to becoming Google Adwords certified – speak to her insatiable hunger for driving traffic and conversions to remarkable brands.

    Shannon generously shares her career journey and the driving factors behind her brand, business, and the weighty emotions that come with team growth, especially when your business runs as a personal brand.

    In This Episode

    🌴 Shannon and The Social Bungalow’s Origin Story

    🌴 The direct correlation of conversions and relationships with your community

    🌴 Taking a generous approach to free, high-quality content to earn your community’s attention

    🌴 Why Shannon is the voice in my head for all things digital marketing

    🌴 Balancing personal relationships with leadership (IE: running a business with your husband and hiring your sister and mom!)

    🌴 The emotional labor that comes with a large team, and why a lean team works for Shannon

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