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    HR Compliance: The Big Bad Wolf of Hiring

    January 16, 2024

    Happy New Year! Let’s start 2024 fresh by getting back to basics. 

    Like, realllly basic.

    In this episode, I’m talking about what we actually mean when we say “HR compliance” and exploring its significance for all businesses regardless of location, size, or industry.

    HR compliance isn’t JUST about adhering to laws and regulations related to employment (although yes, that is its #1 function); it’s also about creating a balanced and fair experience for everyone in your workplace, including yourself. We discuss how compliance acts as a vital preventative measure to steer clear of legal pitfalls, and the nuanced role HR plays in safeguarding both the company and its work environment.

    This episode is all about boiling it down to the basics and covering points like:

    • What HR compliance even means and where it should live within your business
    • How labor laws fit into compliance
    • Payroll compliance vs. HR compliance
    • Basic standards of HR compliance that are often overlooked
    • The ONE must-have policy you absolutely need in your company

    In the spirit of “new year, new you”…this is the perfect time to make sure all your HR compliance ducks are in a row! Fill out the contact form on our website for a free consultation call and discover how we can support your business in staying compliant and On The Up & Up.

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    Links Mentioned:

    First Hire Starter Pack: Visit the Set To Scale Shop for our First Hire Starter Pack, which provides the minimum viable options for compliance when making your first hire, including a MUST-HAVE EEO clause.

    Prior To The Hire Guide: Check out our website to download our ‘Prior To The Hire’ Guide, detailing the essential considerations you need to know before your next hire.






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