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    What is Clubhouse? Tricks and Tips For Newbies

    December 29, 2020

    Making the most of the opportunities on Clubhouse in your first week in the Clubhouse App

    So what even is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is an audio only app that connects directly to Instagram and Twitter. Clubhouse is proving to be a game changer in the online business space. Education, community, and visibility are all majorly playing into the way we will be doing business in 2021. For example, I spoke in one room for a few minutes, and gained 100 followers who are mostly engaging in my content, following my stories and posts, and are legit human women- not bots. 

    Here are a couple of quick tips about Clubhouse that I have learned so far:

    – Use your bio to lead people to your business page on Instagram, not your personal. Plan to use clubhouse for networking. 

    – That “above the fold” as they say, Bio line is the most impactful part of your presence on Clubhouse, and will create followers based on what you are hoping to offer. 

    – Speak up! Plan questions in advance, and be clear and concise with your interactions. As much as you can gain productive visibility, you can also lose it with off the cuff inappropriate comments, bad sound quality, or ineffective use of other’s time. Don’t speak just to speak.

    – Be intentional with your time. Popping around random rooms is not where the value is. You can sit in a room for a half-hour before you get a golden nugget piece of info. 

    – Take notes! One of the main values I have gotten from Clubhouse has been the creativity and ideas that are flowing. 

    – Join smaller rooms and try to connect with people right away. If the room is a topic you know you can speak on, or have a question about, raise your hand right away. You will likely have some time to phrase your point or question before it’s actually your turn.

    If one person is moderating and the other is there to give value, it tends to flow smoother. 

    This emoji shows up on people who are new to the app and people are calling it a “Party Hat”

    Logistics of the Clubhouse App:

    Here is the real app: (There are imposter apps!)

    Devices: Right now, it is only available on Apple. I believe an iPhone and an iPad works.

    Beta: The app is invite only, so definitely get on the waitlist or make your network aware that you are looking for invites. If you host rooms and participate, you can accumulate invites.

    Rules: there are rules to the app, so make sure you aren’t screen recording or you can get yourself kicked off the app.

    My username is @kiralaforgia, and I would love to brainstorm ways we can collaborate on rooms and panels as we get involved.

    You wanna join another amazing place to make connections? Join the Paradigm Shift and let’s navigate this entrepreneurship journey together.






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