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Performance management: Love it? Hate it? Wondering what the big deal is?  It can be a real mixed bag. Maybe you skip into those meetings, giddy to shower your team members with glowing feedback and praise. Orrrrr maybe you’re dragging your when the feedback is a bit more…complicated. But what if there was a way […]

By Kiley VanGilder, Paradigm’s Lead HR and Operations Strategist We’ve almost all heard of an exit interview. An exit interview occurs when an employee leaves the company. HR sits down with the employee and asks them for their honest feedback. There is a lot of valuable information that a company can gather from the employee […]

Abagail and Emlyee are my amazing clients and co-founders of Boss Project, where they offer a wide range of services for creative business owners. From systems management, to organization and business strategy, these ladies have it all. “We help overwhelmed creative entrepreneurs create a functioning command center to tame the chaos of their business so […]

If you know you need to hire employees to support your business but don’t know where to begin when it comes to hiring or managing a team, keep reading… I recently published a course through Scribd Coach, and the e-book and short but sweet audio course(35 minutes to be exact) was published. Woohooo!! You may […]

Have you heard the news? Classifying workers as employees or contractors is more high stakes than it used to be as laws in states continue to become more and more specific. Many online business owners have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of realizing they may have been treating and paying team members as independent […]

Ready, Set, Payroll:Setting Up Your Team in your Payroll system Setting up your team for payroll can seem overwhelming, complex, and enough of a stressor to make you put it off for even longer. Not paying your people can be more than just a sidenote, or another thing to push off to next month. This […]

I need help! But do I hire a contractor or employee? The Golden Rule Of Online Business: Treat Contractors The Way You Want to Be Treated (+ Laws Matter) When you started your business, you probably didn’t realize all the intricate details that go on behind the scenes of the brands that inspire you. It […]






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