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    Feature: Strategy Hour Podcast

    February 8, 2022

    Abagail and Emlyee are my amazing clients and co-founders of Boss Project, where they offer a wide range of services for creative business owners. From systems management, to organization and business strategy, these ladies have it all.

    “We help overwhelmed creative entrepreneurs create a functioning command center to tame the chaos of their business so they can build a profitable and sustainable business from their passion”.

    Boss Project

    Abagail and Emlyee’s podcast, The Strategy Hour, currently has 610 episode (amazing right?). Each episode includes ” actionable strategies and killer marketing tips to grow your creative business”.

    Check out my feature in episode 567 where we discuss hiring tips for small business owners!

    If you’re thinking, “If I had a few more clients, my hands would be more than full”, then it is time to hire someone you trust to delegate tasks to!

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    Just because you are interested in something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is where you should be putting your time that is moving the needle in your business. That is often hard to accept for multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    The more you try to control the way that people learn, the less you are going to get the most of what you can out of the individual you scoured the internet looking for. Supporting your employees and letting go of control allows them to rise up and take up the space you’re providing for them.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    The only way to create an inclusive, diverse, and equitable company is to hire employees. People would love the opportunity to work for a company that appreciates their talents, wants to invest in them, and gives them the space to get creative and make things their own.

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    You can’t put a quantifiable amount on your time. When you get things off your plate and take that time back, you can shift into a mindset of growth. 

    -Your Very Own, Kira La Forgia

    Here is an except from the Strategy Hour Podcast page:

    In this episode, we talk about what that looks like at different stages and Kira shares her top hiring tips for growing small businesses.

    Abagail and Emylee actually hired Kira as a consultant for their own company as they were phasing into growth and hiring employees, which is why we invited her on the show to share her take on small businesses, or businesses who are hiring contractors or virtual assistants, even for the first time.

    Kira shares some of the things you can set up to better your experience with contractors, the do’s and don’ts when it comes to contractors versus employees, and everything you need to know about your employee handbook, as well as how you can make the onboarding process, associated learning curves, and mindset shifts around hiring a whole lot easier!

    We also touch on HR basics for small teams looking to hire contractors and employees, some of the mindset shifts you need to make when it comes to your team members, plus a new way of looking at org charts and what you need to do differently. We all want a scalable business model with no limit on revenue, which is why Kira’s insights are so valuable.

    Make sure not to miss this incredible and informative conversation, packed full of practical advice that you can implement today!

    Do you have a podcast or community that would benefit from a guest speaker about hiring and HR? Reach out!






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