Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter or Encore Empire share business coaching insights on reinventing your career later in life. Think your career’s best moments are in the rearview? Think again!  Join us as we dive into the transformative journeys of women who are turning decades of experience – in and out of the office – […]

Discover how one creative entrepreneur turned CEO keeps her passion alive while stepping into a leadership role. It can happen quickly. No, I’m not talking about the moment you finally understand why your parents got so excited over a new kitchen gadget or monogrammed hand towels on Christmas morning. (I get it now, Mom!) I’m […]

What I’m about to say about employee performance reviews may cement my status as a decorated member of the Participation Trophy Generation.  But I’m gonna say it anyway (I am a proud millennial afterall) and ask that you hear me out: The main focus of your employee performance reviews shouldn’t actually be reviewing their performance. […]

We’re baaaack baby! Kelli Jones and I are picking up where we left off with more Bravo legal drama, more HR disasters, and more fun. And maybe a little snark. I mean, we ARE talking about Bravo afterall. Kelli is a trademark attorney, a fellow reality TV aficionado, and my go-to friend for Bravo legal […]

There are 3 things we love talking about around here: If you’ve been following along with our newsletter or recent podcast episodes, you know we’ve been going hard on #1 lately. It may be starting to feel like we’re pushing employees on your business.  But we promise, we’re not! In fact, if you listened to […]

Discover Your People Leader Archetype

Feeling like your biz isn’t quite clicking the way you hoped? Jamar Diggs is here to remind you that it’s not just you! Entrepreneurship can be a real cluster f*ck sometimes. But we sit firmly in our belief that sharing stories from those who’ve navigated the twists and turns to success is what keeps us […]

Whew, time to lighten the mood around here!  We’ve spent the last few weeks digging into some heavy stuff, what with the DOL’s Final Ruling and all its implications on your business, and I know we could all use a little reprieve. So today we’re taking a sharp left turn and gossiping in the other […]

POV: You’re totally overwhelmed by the DOL’s Final Ruling on independent contractors. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of info on this game-changing update from the DOL, and lots of businesses are scrambling to find their footing in this new terrain. So we’re taking a few steps back to come at this whole […]

Here’s 1 of the 398,402 things nobody teaches you when building a brand and becoming a leader: Your external brand ≠ your internal company culture. Just because the world sees your brand in a certain light doesn’t mean your team has to march to that beat behind the scenes. Few people know this better than […]

Psst…I don’t know who needs to hear this, but: It’s time we move past the old-school belief that real work only happens when we’re all parked in office chairs. That mindset is as outdated as the office cubicles tech giants are trying to herd their talent back into (oops! Guess I do know who needs […]






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