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    5 Biases in Hiring And How To Reduce Them

    July 3, 2024

    Oh look, it’s live footage of biases in hiring sneaking into your process to undermine your best efforts at finding the right fit for your role, your business, AND your team:

    It’s not just you; we all have them—both conscious and unconscious biases—sneaking into our decision-making like those annoying #influencers who infiltrate our Instagram feeds without us even noticing.

    These biases act as roadblocks in our attempts to cultivate a diverse workforce, narrowing down our candidate pool and sidelining top-notch candidates while possibly favoring less suitable ones. 😱

    Professional recruiters have mastered the art of checking biases at the door as part of their unique skill set. But as an entrepreneur, you’re not expected to know how to do this…yet. Awareness is the first crucial step to ensure these biases don’t put a damper on you and your business’s potential.

    In today’s episode of On The Up & Up, we’re zooming in on the 5 most prevalent biases in hiring. Recognizing them might just help you see how they’ve been influencing your team-building and management decisions.

    Plus, we’re sharing 3 strategic tweaks you can apply to your hiring process to effectively sidestep these biases and find the right candidate for the job.

    Listen Now:

    Remember, having biases is nothing to beat yourself up about. But being a visionary leader means having the self-awareness to bring these biases into the light and adjust your behavior and decisions accordingly.

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