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    Alternative Employee Perks and Benefits

    August 3, 2022

    Working in a small business doesn’t always allow for big time benefits, like a ping-pong table in the office, provided childcare, or free lunches and snacks. But, we can create alternative ways to show our employees that they are cared for and appreciated.

    Many of the following benefits are tax deductible, so they can actually be really beneficial to your bottom line. 

    Prefer an audio guide to this topic? Check out the On the Up and Up™ podcast episode, The Benefit of Providing Alternative Employee Perks.

    Cash Value Reimbursement

    • Cell Phone Reimbursement
    • Gas Reimbursement
    • Coffee or Lunch Allowance
    • Digital Gift Cards or Cash Reimbursement Upon Receipt Submission
    • Internet or Utilities Reimbursement

    Cash Value Allowances

    • Home office equipment allowance
    • Travel Allowance
    • You can use company credit card points to gift travel allowances
    • Book a “staycation” for your employee to thank them for a successful launch

    Health and Wellness Programs

    • Health club memberships
    • Wellness subscriptions (IE: Massage Envy or a local massage and wellness spa with a monthly membership program)
    • Yoga studio memberships
    • Health and wellness digital programs
      1. Meditation apps like the Calm app or Headspace have corporate programs
      2. Workout apps like Melissa Wood Health, Peloton, or Core Power Yoga 
      3. Weight loss programs like Weight Watchers, or Noom
    • Mental Health Programs
      1. Better Health, Talkspace and other virtual mental health services
    • Ergonomic consultations with an ergonomist to set up a healthy virtual office space
    • Ergonomic equipment stipend
    • Focusmate Subscriptions

    Traditional Programs

    • Health Insurance Stipend
    • Group Health Programs
    • HSA Accounts
    • Vision or dental stipend
    • Mental health stipend

    The Perk of Time

    • Flexible schedules
    • Off the grid time
    • Extra Vacation Time
    • Flex days
    • Compressed work weeks

    Education Allowances

    • Tuition reimbursement
    • Student loan stipend bonus
    • Courses to learn new skills
    • Certification allowances
    • Professional development books or audiobooks
    • Tuition Assistance


    • Subscription services like…
    • Audible
    • Subscription Boxes 
    • Book of the Month
    • Masterclass Membership
    • Apple Music or Spotify
    • Scribd

    Services To Help Your Employees

    • Financial Advisor or Money Coach
    • General coaching based on their interests/needs
    • Executive Coaching
    • House cleaning service
    • Memberships to women’s networking groups
    • Childcare stipend
    • Health coaching
    • Meal Plans/Meal Kits


    • Donating to a charity of your employee’s choice 
    • Paid time for volunteering 

    Traditional Benefits

    • 401(k) match
    • Paid Health Insurance

    There are so many wonderful ways to make your employees feel valued and seen. Choose what perks and benefits feel right for your company. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Just remember that it is all about celebrating your team for all they do and creating a space they look forward to working in! 

    Do you want help budgeting the perfect benefits package? Contact us for a free consultation!

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