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    Find Your People Leader Archetype

    May 22, 2023

    And Manage Your Team With Confidence

    Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a brand new manager, or somewhere in between, finding your People Leader Archetype will give you the tools you need to understand the most important person in your leadership journey: YOU!

    Why Find Out Your People Leader Archetype?

    Each of the 5 People Leader Archetypes have incredible strengths, many of which are easy to embrace in your next chat with your team. Embracing your innate strengths will give you the confidence to step into that next phase of leadership.

    Once you know your people leader archetype, you will be able to:

    • Make better hiring decisions
    • Tackle interviews more intentionally
    • Create an intentional company culture that feels effortless to lead
    • Identify other leaders in your company, and help them find their voice
    • Face tough conversations head on
    • Get more of a return on the investment of your team

    Take the quiz and let’s dive in!

    Archetype 1: Stone Cold Supervisor

    You’re the Stone Cold Supervisor, always striving for excellence and leading by example. Think of yourself as the Jon Snow of leadership, keeping your team well-informed and prepared for any situation. Your strategic thinking and unemotional approach make you a force to be reckoned with.

    Stone Cold Supervisor Strengths

    You’re all about clarity, data-driven decisions, and strategic thinking. You’re like a game of chess, always thinking several moves ahead.

    Survival Tips For The Stone Cold Supervisor

    To build a solid team, create meaning through your company’s mission and values. Schedule one-on-one conversations to connect with your team members and keep them motivated. Also, make sure to balance your firmness with nurturing energy from a business partner or HR representative.

    Read more about the Stone Cold Supervisor People Leader Archetype here.

    Archetype 2: Efficient Executor

    The Efficient Executor is focused on getting things done quickly and efficiently. The Efficient Executor make decisions swiftly, but sometimes your team may not see the bigger picture and it may cause them to feel disconnected.

    The Efficient Executor Archetype Strengths

    Fairness, quick decision-making, and creating a clear and predictable environment are your superpowers.

    Survival Tips For The Efficient Executor

    The Efficient Executor will avoid a one-size-fits-all approach by recognizing their team members’ strengths. If the Efficient Executor takes the time to understand and communicate with their team, they will strike an incredible balance of high productivity and committed culture. If the Efficient Executor can create focused team-building opportunities and foster collaboration when mistakes happen, their team will build trust alongside their manager.

    Read more about the Efficient Executor People Leader Archetype here.

    Archetype 3: The Balanced Mentor

    Ahh the Balanced Mentor is all about building relationships and creating a harmonious work environment. The Balanced Mentor uses their intuition and emotional intelligence to navigate tough situations.

    Strengths of the Balanced Mentor

    You can see many sides of a discussion, collaborate like a pro, and bring out exceptional work from your team. You love to gather the best ideas and creating a positive vibe for your team to collaborate.

    Survival Tips For The Balanced Mentor

    Manage your energy by setting intentional boundaries. You don’t have to solve every problem your team members bring to you. Remember to balance the needs of your team and the business. Oh, and don’t forget to share small things about yourself to build trust with your team.

    Read more about the Balanced Mentor People Leader Archetype here.

    Archetype 4: The BFF Boss

    The BFF Boss is always striving to create a positive and fun work atmosphere. You thrive when you can make everyone’s day brighter. Your team loves your friendly demeanor, but sometimes accountability and decision-making can be a challenge because it doesn’t come naturally to you to make quick decisions and take quick action, which can slow down the pace of your company’s growth.

    Strengths of the BFF Boss

    The BFF Boss is naturally likable, effortlessly building trust quickly, and value team happiness. Your priority always comes back to creating safety.

    Survival Tips For The BFF Boss

    Create accountability through crystal clear processes and expectations. Address conflicts within the team and implement systems that promote clarity and accountability. Be mindful of time management and set intentional boundaries. Remember, deadlines are like hard stops, and brainstorming sessions should have specific time slots.

    Read more about the BFF Boss People Leader Archetype here.

    Archetype 5: The Open Book Boss

    The Open Book Boss creates an open and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and heard. The Open Book Boss places little emphasis on traditional boundaries, and instead capitalizes on the relationships within the team.

    Strengths of the Open Book Boss

    They are open, kind, and produce high-quality work. You’re like a motivational speaker, inspiring your team to give their best.

    Survival Tips For The Open Book Boss

    While transparency is crucial, set intentional boundaries to avoid overwhelming yourself and your team. Summarize action items and decisions to keep everyone on track and focuses. The Open Book Boss will benefit from prioritizing self-care, so they don’t burn out.

    Read more about the Open Book Boss People Leader Archetype here.

    Applying Your People Leader Archetype To Your People Leadership Style

    Discovering your People Leader Archetype is just the beginning of your leadership journey. Once you know what they are, you can embrace your strengths, learn from the opportunities, and be the best leader you can be. Just like any new journey, you will hit many bumps along the way, but we’ll be here to support you!

    Find out more about your leadership type on the special pop-up podcast episode on On The Up and Up!

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