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    HR Partnership

    Paradigm people operations consulting

    and keep setting the standard for work culture in your industry

    Care For Your Team With Dedicated HR and Management Support



    At some point, you went from spending time innovating in your business to managing a team...

    It seems like so long ago that you woke up in the morning and felt that buzz that only visionary entrepreneurs like you feel. When you are buzzing with plans, and you can picture how all the pieces of your new genius idea will fit together. 

    And you miss it. You miss the freedom that comes with solopreneurship. 

    You love your team, you are a pretty good leader, and you are confident you are managing things the right way. But sometimes you want to burn it all down.  You didn't sign up to run payroll and process I9s, but you can't delegate those things to your team, it's a conflict of interest... right?

    How did that happen?

    In the meantime, the thought of those HR horror stories still keep you up at night.

    “What if that designer I fired brings a lawsuit against me?”

    “A client harassed my employee, now what do I do?”

    “Why won't my team perform like I know they can?”

    “Performance evaluations? How do I begin?”

    "How do I create and uphold a company culture?"

    You don't love dealing with these fears all the time, and you've quickly realized a new healthy respect for every manager you've ever had.

    It's just a little easier to ignore the issues that you see and hope they solve themselves, that's normal right?

    Meet Your New Favorite HR Lady

    This may sound crazy, but I actually enjoy anxiety-inducing HR numbers and alphabet soups. 

    Company culture, team management, employee engagement? My favorite! 

    With a decade of experience in HR and Operations, I’m no stranger to the sensitive issues involved in the human side of running a business. There’s a lot to learn from hiring, onboarding, training, and managing the performance of over 500 employees for a multimillion dollar business. The good news is, I’ve learned it all so you don’t have to.

    I’m the go-to People Operations resource for leaders of rapidly growing teams ready to protect, streamline, and scale their businesses. 

    I'm Kira!

    In a nutshell, I’ll turn your delegation daydreams into reality.

    My goal is to bridge the gap between corporate HR policies and the modern needs of online entrepreneurs. Because Google might have almost all the answers, but it doesn’t have what your unique business needs. 

    It’s time to say goodbye to Google HR!


    Meet your accessible, affordable, creative, and innovative HR Department

    HR Partnership

    paradigm people operations consulting

    The What:

    Need to have a tough conversation with a team member, choose between the top three applicants, or even plan your updates to your org chart and growth plan as your business services evolve

    The Why:

    Direct access to our team for your people through a confidential form, ensuring a true culture of open communication and high employee retention

    Attract the right kind of talent your business needs from folks who will understand and support your mission.

    New Hire Orientation and Policy Updates

    Onboard all new employees and updated state compliance for your team members 

     Compliance monitoring and done-for-you policy updates based on the states where you have team members

    Full HR Document and policy audits so you are never limited in hiring top talent based on the state they live

    Answers to all those questions that pop up with time sensitive issues like immediate termination or team management problem solving solution

    Private Slack Channel with a 24 hour turnaround with Team Paradigm

    People are complicated, and you will feel supported and clear on your critical decisions with access to over a decade of HR experience with small teams

    Monthly people operations strategy calls to use as issues arise and to keep your people ops up to speed with your offers

    Documentation guidance, team management guidance, company security, and HR backed investigations for the complex and sensitive human issues

    Save hours of time Googling all the intricacies of management, and focus on leading and retaining your dream team. 

    Support in employee training, team analytics, file management, and put your valuable time at the center of your strategy

    There are lots of online businesses out there "playing" business...

    Those businesses are not taking their Human Resources seriously. 

    You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and you want to do it right.

    They are mistreating their teams, exploiting their contractors, and frankly, giving Online Business a bad name.

    As a result, business owners are scrambling to fill and re-fill roles, learn to manage, trying to embody their leadership style, and hustling to make sales all while burning out and getting in over their head, and taking their teams down with them. But that's not you.

    HR Partnership Is Outsourced HR For Real Deal Companies

    Feel supported and confident in your decisions with an expert in your corner

    Stop hesitation on decision making causing confusion for your team and sabotaging your company culture, making retaining employees impossible and expensive turnover rearing its ugly head

    Keep your head from spinning about how to deal with an issue, resulting in ignoring opportunities to manage your team to success because it feels too awkward


    Our Partnership Helps You...

    Building a People Operations strategy is more than the "policy police."  People Operations is a way to integrate the talents and abilities of your team into the foundation of your brand.

    The average cost of an HR Generalist
    is $58,000 per year, and they do not know the unique and disruptive way online business makes an impact.

    You're gonna need an HR Department that is flexible and agile, creating unique (and still compliant) policies on which to grow your team. 

    hr is a 2 sided shield; protecting your business & your team

    Sustainable Growth Starts With a Strong Business people Operations Foundation

    Our HR Partnership starts with a full audit and custom creation of any and all HR documents, building the foundation of your company policies, so you can let your policies do the heavy lifting.


    This is about so much more than job descriptions, hiring protocols, and employee handbooks.

    You deserve to feel completely in control of a legitimate business you’re proud of. 

    Along the way, your desire to provide the best work environment for your team went on the backburner because the logistics of it all felt so overwhelming.

    It's about peace of mind.

    Our partnership will give you the support and counsel you need to create a company culture that mirrors the powerful work you do.

    Being a disruptor doesn't mean getting to a point where you are repeating the toxic corporate culture we came from, it means setting the standard for something new. 

    Throwing yoru hands up on the air and feeling like you can't get your team to feel the way you envisioned doesn't have to be a requirement of being a CEO. 

    That ends here.

    Are you ready to take control of your people operations?

    Click below to contact us to see if our HR Partnership is right for you.