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    Coach or Consultant

    July 31, 2020

    Which one is the right fit for you?

    One of the things I am noticing as I am starting to take on clients, is that there is TONS of people out there who need help. Prior to starting my business, I did some research about how I wanted to identify myself. I have noticed people sometimes use these terms, coaching and consulting, interchangeably, and some may wonder if it really matters. I am here to tell you IT DOES. When you are looking for a service, it is super important to understand how your provider identifies themselves, because this will dictate the type of relationship you will have with them.

    There is NOTHING wrong with one or the other, in fact, I believe that the most productive consultants and coaches can and should take on a more holistic approach to serving their clients. It reminds me of seeing a doctor: you may have a specific health issue where you can see a specialist, but your body is all one interconnected being, so the cause of the problem may lie in a totally different areas altogether. It is like treating a symptom without treating the cause.

    In your business, treating a major problem by patching up the symptoms can literally cost you cold hard cash. There is more to your business than just your amazing product or service. Your business has to work FOR you. I mean, that is why you went out and started this business, right?

    A Consultant

    • Problem solves the needs of your business
    • Makes moves on your behalf to solve immediate needs
    • Uses experience and expertise to advise specific solutions
    • Works on specific problems within a business or organization
    • Gets you from A-Z based on tangible business goals and foundations using formal strategy
    • Maintains strict professional boundaries

    A Coach

    • Teaches you how to problem solve the needs of your business
    • Motivates you to make moves on your own behalf
    • Is an expert in developing an individual
    • Works on the individual in one or more specific areas (fitness, nutrition, communication)
    • Gets your mindset/body/purpose/ in the right place
    • Has fewer professional boundaries (depending on the type of coaching)

    I decided to settle on consulting because my expertise in operations and systems has little to no coaching attributes: you set them up, you roll them out, you enjoy your free time and extra money. However, there is an element of the individualist aspect to coaching that I utilize when helping clients. I cannot possibly know how to solve your problems if I don’t know how the solutions will affect you, your life, your kids, your family, or your schedule.

    My mission is to build up a small business economy so that individuals are empowered to work for themselves and rely on others less. The only way to do that is to provide systems that are dynamic, and easy to maintain and expand with growth. That means that you, the client, need to be excited about your systems, and comfortable with their use, or you won’t use them! I will help your business be manageable by you, so you retain complete control of your identity. No monthly memberships to rely on to make changes to your system, no homework, no training modules.

    I can’t wait to help you and “coachsult” your business to success! I would love to hear in the comments your favorite part of this blog! Was it helpful?






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