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Join the Paradigm Shift, an exclusive community of online entrepreneurs ready to empower you to become the confident, successful business owner you’ve always wanted to be.

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Transform your business goals into reality while getting the support system that’s missing from working alone.

Now enrolling new members! Enroll now for immediate access to educational content, resources, and get a front row seat for our limited quarterly enrollment pricing.

Does this sound familiar?

  • At first, the work from bed, no-pants with zippers, remote entrepreneurial lifestyle was everything you dreamed of… but then you started having full on conversations with your dog
  • You’ve asked your partner to look at your work so many times, he knows your clients by name
  • You’ve seen that “You’re all caught up” message on IG one too many times
  • You know you have lots to learn, but you don’t even know where to begin.

Feeling attacked?

We’ve been there, girl.

…you want to celebrate the little things, and the big thing$ when it ocmes to running your business

… in a sea of “advice” from “gurus and experts”, how do you know who to trust?

… you’re balancing it all, and you sometimes just need a little bit of support to get to that next success

your heading goes here

You’ve got the ambition to run a business, we’ve got the network to support you along the way.

You’re an entrepreneur. A goal-setter (and crusher). A growth-minded multitasker who starts her day with a cup of ambition.

When it comes to running your business, you give off a strong “I’ve got this thing all figured out” vibe. But…you’re tired of going it alone.

One thing is for sure: entrepreneurship gets lonely.

You don’t have to go it alone

Imagine how it would feel to…

…vetted, bullshit free education to help your business grow

…have a community of knowledgeable experts to help answer your most pressing questions in real time

…feel supported day and night, and have fun while meeting lifelong, like-minded business besties

SSS Creative Boss 17

Together we learn, together we thrive.

you don’t have to take it from me!

Our members make our community the most supportive place on the internet…

I’ve been a part of plenty of entrepreneur groups over the years and never have I encountered something as well organized and beneficial as Paradigm! This isn’t just a networking group, its also a workshop hub! There are usually multiple workshops each month held by an entrepreneur in their area of expertise sharing their most valuable tips & info which has been priceless. I’ve learned so much in just the past 3 months alone and of course made lots of likeminded entrepreneurial friends too which has been so fun! Love this tight knit community so much!!

Becca viola

I genuinely look forward to hanging out with the women in The Paradigm Shift! All of their events are so helpful when it comes to growing your business and I truly feel like these women are here to support my growth and wellness as an entrepreneur.

Michelle Miller

Ready to expand your network?

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let’s dig into the details

The benefits of membership go far beyond networking… (but the networking is pretty great too!)

As a member, you’ll be joining a select group of like-minded, professional women who see the value in exchanging ideas around entrepreneurship and all that comes with it. 

Beyond that, your membership includes:

your organizational structure

Curated Monthly Content and Events

Career-driven workshops led by vetted subject matter experts (who charge A LOT more for their resources outside this group!) Workshop topics include:

  • How to Beat Burnout Before It Starts 
  • How to Optimize your LinkedIn To Attract Clients
  • Selling With Confidence
  • Managing Your Business Finances 
  • How To Have The Confidence and Mindset to Crush Your 2021 Goals

Also included in your membership

Mindset and Wellness Workshops

Live interactive classes every month to enrich your life outside of work, because there’s more to life than work. Bonus classes will include:

  • Live, virtual workout classes
  • Breathwork workshops
  • Meditation workshops
  • Investment and Money Management
  • Dating and Relationship coaching, 
  • How to Be More Sustainable In Business and Life
  • Ergonomics For The Office: Creating a Healthy Workspace

Interview and hire

A Safe Space For All Your Questions

You will also have access to a private digital platform where lively discussions, free resources, book and podcast recommendations, job opportunities, and more all live in one convenient place.

giving back

A Voice in Our Philanthropic Mission

50% of profits will be donated to a female driven charity of our members’ collective choice.

You will have the opportunity to nominate your favorite charity and vote where our funds are donated.

judgement free

Mentorship Community

Most importantly, you’ll be joining a mentorship community of entrepreneurial women who have been in your shoes so you can get advice with no judgement.

Sure, you can get support from your partner, family, and friends. But there’s something special about getting it from people who know exactly what you’re going through and can speak from their own experiences.


The Fun Factor

Virtual Happy Hours because we’re not all work and no play! We believe that success in the (virtual) office is fueled by balance, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize and connect over non-work topics too.

Someday soon, The Paradigm Shift will be hosting professional retreats (A girl can dream!)

Are you ready to shift your paradigm and crush your business goals with networking that works?

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let’s wrap it all up

Here’s what you get when you join.

That’s why we created The Paradigm Shift, an exclusive network of highly motivated women who are ready to shake up the status quo of “figuring it out by yourself.”

By joining, you get more than a typical professional network. You get access to what’s missing from your professional life when you work for yourself – colleagues who understand exactly what you’re going through. 

Become a part of a community of women empowering women as we navigate our challenges, learn from vetted subject matter experts, and celebrate our successes together.

Ok, but let’s be real…

Why pay to network when Facebook groups are free? 

Have you ever joined a free Facebook networking group and posted a question, only to be pitched a #GirlBoss gimmick promising to get you “10,000 followers in 10 days for the low cost of $1997”? 

Or worse, been bombarded with unsolicited advice from self-proclaimed “experts” who think access to the internet is equivalent to an MBA? (no Aunt Janet, Google University does NOT make you my trusted resource for business development solutions.)

You deserve better. 

A fee-based networking group naturally weeds out the gimmicks and the unmotivated wannabe-business-owners-but-don’t-wanna-put-in-the-workers who have nothing valuable to add.

For just $24.99/month (less than that Postmates lunch salad and smoothie you just ordered!) you’ll get the answers you need and the connections you crave, because every member is here for the right reasons.

our happiness guarantee

No Contracts- No Commitments

Our group isn’t for everyone, but join today and get 3 free days to check out the network. 

You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.


Hey there, I’m Kira.

Today, it’s hard to find authenticity in the networking space. It’s become more opportunistic and materialistic, but I want something more for you.

I created The Paradigm Shift as a space for you to find the answers you need to the business questions you have in a supportive, authentic, and welcoming environment. 

My goal is to save you time and energy by giving you the peace of mind that all the information you find within our community is tried and true, and from experts who care about your success. That time an energy can be poured back into where it belongs – your business.



We’ve got some pretty strong values.

The Paradigm Shift community is unequivocally in support of BLM, LGBTQIA+, women’s rights, and maintains values of service, antiracism, allyship, and philanthropy.

have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many workshops will there be per month?

There will be a minimum of 2 workshops per month, each one running around 60 minutes. All workshops (unless otherwise stated) will be recorded and posted in the network for you to watch at any time.

Is there a minimum monthly commitment?

Membership is billed on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time.

How much of a time commitment is involved in joining?

Nothing is required of you, but the more you participate the more you’ll get out of the experience.
In addition to the 2 monthly workshops/classes, there will be quarterly “virtual networking” happy hours that will last about 60 minutes.

Do you offer any guarantees about what I’ll get out of membership?

As long as you engage with the community, We guarantee you’ll make meaningful connections and gain valuable knowledge. If not, you can reach out and I will make it right!

SSS Creative Boss 3

So what do you have to lose?

To keep conversations meaningful and impactful, space inside The Paradigm Shift is limited. Join today before doors close!

Sign up today and get 3 free days in the membership to check things out!

Yes, Sign me up!


The price goes up every quarter as we add more and more valuable content.

Are you going to stay the course and keep figuring things out alone? 

Or are you going to join our community of badass professional women and save yourself time, energy, and make some new friends along the way?

Ready to join us? We can’t wait to meet you!

Yes, Sign me up!

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