People On Purpose

Humanity Driven Management For Happy Work Cultures

Confidently walk the line between tactical, goal driven management and compassionate, values-based leadership while building a profitable business.

Psst…I see you, making waves in your business and building your dream team (even if it's just one person!).

You're a modern leader, trailblazing through outdated management approaches. Because let's be real, cookie-cutter methods aren’t cutting it for the type of leader you want to be. You're all about radical kindness, emotional intelligence, and unleashing your creative mojo. You just have to figure out how to translate that into day-to-day People Ops.

Your team isn't just a means to make money. But as a savvy business owner, you need to see an ROI on your investment in them. 

Bottom line: You're determined to nail this whole "management" thing—for your team's sake and your business's success. 

But Let's call a spade a spade...

This is also the stage where not-so-pleasant thoughts start crashing the party in your head every single day:

“Why would anyone listen to me? I’m not great at communicating my ideas and I feel like a fraud.”

“I want to do things differently for my team - but I’m already so overwhelmed. I can’t handle learning a new way to manage”

“What if I break a rule and someone sues me?”

“Me? A manager?! I’m not qualified for that!”

“Delegate shmelegate - I don’t trust anyone to do things as well as I do. It’ll be easier if I just do it myself.” 

😵 Over-communicating, micromanaging, and seeking perfection.

😵 Feeling more like a full-time team manager than the CEO of your company.

😵 Drowning in alllll the HR things while avoiding difficult conversations that can have immediate results.

😵 Consuming too much content to compensate for feeling like you don’t know enough to be a leader (hello, overwhelm!) 

😵 Adding too much to your plate instead of trusting your team’s abilities.

😵 Dealing with regular team turnover and worrying about your ability fulfill contracts.

Ah yes, I see imposter syndrome has paid you a visit and brought alllll her heavy luggage. 

So rather than reaping the benefits of a team, you're: 

Wait, wasn't it supposed to get easier, not harder, when you brought on a team? 

Bumps in the road are normal when you’ve “girl-bossed a little too close to the sun” and find yourself managing people - something you never set out to do - to support your incredible growth. 

But now it’s time to smooth out those bumps and embrace your leadership role.

Modern Managers Need To Cultivate Their Own Leadership Voice To Be Successful

Without someone telling them what they can/ can't/ should/ shouldn't do.

Good management is the key to a profitable business. But here's the kicker: showing up for your team can't be an afterthought once they're hired and onboarded. Intentional management paves the way for a thriving company culture and propels your business into its next phase of growth.

But you don't need to know the “7 Habits To Be Highly Effective”, or how to throw a killer team retreat (although those can be fun!). Checklists and templates won’t cut it this time.

You need to know how to bring out the best in your people while nurturing your natural leadership skills. Throw in a solid ROI on your team and hot damn - you’re unstoppable.  

So let's make that happen…

This is where professional growth meets your                    self.

Our process is designed to answer those needs and more. 

Built for managers of small teams, we bring together a small community and a thoughtful curriculum, all with a twist of sass. Because believe it or not, there’s fun to be had in People Ops. 


✅ You’ve built a company culture with clear expectations that supports your team and your business through all its ups and downs.

✅ You know how and what to document to have your company’s back.

✅ You know what's important for you to manage on the day to day, and can confidently ignore the rest.

✅ You know how to manage positions for long term sustainability, regardless of who is doing the job.

✅ You’ve retained a highly trained and performing team that can handle whatever you throw at them.

✅ You feel supported in pursuing innovation and higher value clients, without sacrificing consistency in income.

✅ Most importantly, you are leading with integrity and authenticity, and haven’t lost your sense of self in the process.

Now Picture This: 

THIS is what we mean when we talk about intentionally stepping into your leadership role —>

This is exactly what we’re here to help you achieve.

What Our Students Are Saying:

I've been in leadership roles for most of my career, even branching over into HR positions, and PoP blew past any expectations I had going into it. Paradigm's modern day approach to everything HR was a breath of fresh air and is everything businesses need these days! I have recommended Paradigm to numerous clients and colleagues. Having Paradigm in your back pocket for everything leadership and HR will be the one of the best decisions you could make for your growing business.

Kristi Wisniewski | The Bookkeeper Edit

PoP was so helpful for our small team. Kira taught us how to truly care & connect with our employees so we can be the best managers we can be. We truly learned how to have difficult conversations, create meaningful boundaries and be better communicators. I'd highly recommend {PoP} for every business owner or manager out there!

Dani Silber | @comingouthappy

Kira is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to management, and her approachability and sense of humor made a daunting subject exciting and engaging. PMF has given me the foundational tools to step into a new chapter of as an entrepreneur and manager. I would recommend the course to both new or seasoned managers who need to pull back the lens and learn to lead from a human-first perspective.

Jessica Comingore | @marbury

PoP helped me gain confidence to be a transparent and authentic leader and trust my intuition. If you're looking for a solution around navigating management life, look no further!

Paris Hanvey | @fearlessCEO

I'd never managed a team before starting my own, and I was always nervous that things were working out because I got lucky - not because I was a good leader. Going through PoP helped me learn from other entrepreneurs and new leaders who were going through the same thing, and working on our management styles and leadership skills helped me feel more confident in my ability to lead any team!

Haley Johnson | @propegy

PoP gave me so much confidence in my management. The way that Kira organized and presented the content was so relevant– I finally felt like I was getting a comprehensive leadership and management curriculum with how she structured it, instead of just learning management lessons from trial and error. I’m going to continue to revisit this content as I continue to grow as a manager. It’s priceless for me. 

Meg Baker | @megkco

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People on Purpose

Humanity Driven Management For Happy Work Cultures

In just 6 weeks, this online course will equip you with the essential components to build a thriving company culture and get the most bang for your buck with your team.

We'll dig deep into the nitty-gritty of managing both employees and contractors. You’ll learn the practical AND the tactical components you need to create a work culture your team will love to be a part of — without compromising your bottom line or your unique leadership style.

Foundations of Management & Leadership


Creating a Company Culture That Engages and Inspires


Leadership and Boundaries: Building Your Leadership Voice


Documentation: Where Leadership Meets Process


Difficult Conversations: Balancing Empathy and Accountability


Developing Future Leaders


Course Curriculum:

👀 Let’s take a peek at what’s waiting for you inside the course:

this content packed course is available to you now for just 


it's time to make your mark on the world of people management.


Here's the bottom line

You can keep flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to people management, but let's face it, you're taking unnecessary risks. 

And let's not ignore the elephant in the room: a disengaged team comes with a heavy price tag — lost revenue. Yeah, I know it's tough to hear, but somebody's gotta say it!

$1497 might sound like a lot of money, but not when you compare it to what you could be losing in productivity, or generic management courses that have nothing to do with how you want to lead. 

Still not sure if PoP is right for you?

✅ You've built a kickass team, but sometimes feel unsure if you're fully maximizing their skills.

✅ You’re tired of all the "leadership" gurus preaching about managing and leading your company, and are craving real conversations with people who have walked in your shoes.

✅ Your team is the heart and soul of your business, and you want to ensure they have the best boss and experience working with you. 

✅ You're a capable manager, but sometimes encounter situations where you wish you had the know-how without resorting to Googling "how to give feedback and maintain a positive tone" or even more pressing, "how do I effectively communicate this HR policy to my team?"

✅ You want to go beyond quick-fix generic templates and checklists and build a strong, personalized foundation for your management practice that will support your business for the long haul.

We know it is if you're a CEO or founder with one or more employees, and:

Above all, you just want to be confident that your business isn't being held back by what you don't know.

Take the next step in becoming a better manager


As a matter of fact, when I started this business, I was so excited to just manage myself and NOT a team of dozens of employees. If you’d asked me back then what I thought I’d be doing now, you couldn't have convinced me it would have anything to do with management.

But then, our consulting started to reach all types of businesses and I saw that what may be confused as bad employees, was really just bad management. 

And I had to fix it… 

I didn’t start Paradigm with the intention of growing a team…

Meet Your Instructor

With a decade of experience in People Operations in the corporate world, a Master’s in Organizational Management, and a thriving online business with a remote team, I am no stranger to the sensitive issues involved in the human side of running a business. There's a lot to learn from hiring, onboarding, training and managing the performance of over 500 employees for a multimillion dollar business. The good news is, I learned it all so you don't have to.

Paradigm bridges the gap between corporate HR policies and the modern needs of online entrepreneurs. Because Google might have almost all the answers, but it doesn’t have what your unique business needs. 

Paradigm Consulting is the go-to People Operations resource for small business owners ready to protect, streamline, and scale their businesses.

Kira La Forgia