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Have you ever felt like you are sabotaging your success? 

Because finding, hiring, and managing the right employees is overwhelming.

For some of our peers, the loneliness of making huge emotional decisions about our business can keep us stuck. 

We know how hard it is to accept that you need more support than you are currently getting from your favorite VA to either grow, or have a more balanced lifestyle as a business owner.

Not to mention the legal and financial considerations of having an employee. Those feel like too much to wrap your already-stretched-too-thin brain around.

Why does hiring help feel impossible?

You're ready to stop putting off the inevitable, and build a team that's in it for the long haul.

Sure, working with freelancers is simpler at a certain stage in your entrepreneurial journey. It’s a great first step in delegating.

Your business is too valuable to DIY it.

You've started to realize you require more than what contractors can offer. 

Because contractors aren’t bought into the mission and vision of your business. They’re juggling several client projects at a time. You’re not their only focus. Your deliverables are subject to their availability. They have their own set ways of doing things.

So instead of enjoying your freedom, you’re:

Posting in Facebook groups or asking your biz friends who they used to support them with operations, sales, and social media only to be spammed with DMs or getting subpar service

Waiting on your Tech VA to get to your request and fixing automations and funnels 5 mins before your own webinar when you should be focused on showing up and selling your product/service/course

Praying to the universe that the IRS doesn't find out you've been misclassifying your team and hitting you with huge penalties. Or worse, your amazing OBM discovers that you haven't been fair to them, and you can tell they think less of you because they feel taken advantage of. 

That's me

You don't want to treat people unfairly, that is why you started your business in the first place

You deserve holistic support that serves your goals, whether that is to skyrocket your growth, or jsut find peace and balance in your day to day.

You don't have to settle for what your friends are doing.

We’ve been accustomed to think the way things were done in our 9-5 jobs is the way we have to do things as online business owners. But the truth is, corporate HR strategies don’t translate to the way we work and collaborate remotely.

Besides, you’re a disruptor. You left your corporate job to shake things up and do things differently, so why would you do HR, hiring, and team management the corporate way? 

We have created a service that puts you at the center of your growth strategy. After working together with over 20 clients, we have seen the unpredictable world of hiring and team management through the Great Resignation, and helped online business owners claim space as real competitors with high level talent flocking to be a part of their teams. 

We've created an innovative growth strategy that you can actually implement

Do you dream of running a company that people are dying to work for?

Every time you post an opportunity, you have dozens of qualified candidates apply. But then what do you do with them? You don't want to burn bridges or hurt feelings, but you NEED to know that your team is the right fit. 


Our VIP Day helps you prepare for expansion, hire a winning candidate, and onboard them... the right way.

We know you've done 100 mission, vision, and values worksheets. You're not a beginner. You know what you want it to feel like working at your company, but those targets "Outsourced HR Ads" for $99 a month don't seem to understand that you run a successful remote business. 

You don't want to become corporate just because that's the hiring support you've seen out there.

We have built a VIP experience just for conscious leaders in the online space.

We Love Our


Meg and Kira are the dream team you need in your business if you are looking to hire! One doesn't go without the other. I had an amazing experience working with both of them from job search to onboarding our first employee.

 They made the process effortless, calmed all my hiring fears, walked me through every step of the process, and handled most of the heavy lifting.

 I highly recommend them to everyone and have already started my next job search because they have improved my business by leaps and bounds in such a short period of time. 

-Carey Osenbau | ceo COR Commerce

Best money I ever spent on my business: hiring Kira and Meg.

Kira has made sure that I'm all set from the onboarding perspective (and it's a duplicatable easy process for future hires). She's helped me make sure I'm compliant in the states where I have employees, who knew how complicated that could be?!

Meg is a genius when it comes to hiring. Her process is so thorough, so easy, I just had to show up for interviews and it was a dream. She helped me find THE PERFECT fit for this role.

My team is solid because of both of these incredible women. Legit, it'd be a mistake if you didn't work with them to grow your rockstar team.

-Steph Weber | ceo The Weber Co.

“I have the highest regard for Kira’s work and expertise in Sales, Operations and Human Resources. I have been working with her for many years, and she has helped me make decisions that were very impactful toward the success of the business. She has identified areas of improvement that were unknown to me and provided solutions that have worked. She is also a team player, listens well; she is cooperative, respectful, and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her."

- Dana Shular | ceo Ascend  Together Academy 

You're ready to skip the messy middle of navigating team development - your business is ready to scale now. 

From figuring out exactly what kind of employees you need to execute your business’s near and long-term goals, to hiring and onboarding those employees, to reviewing their performance, and everything in between.

We’ll work together to get to the heart of your business to build a 3-phased growth plan and hiring strategy around your vision.

How do you know if a hiring vip day is right for you? 


Within 4-6 weeks of our initial VIP Day, we'll onboard your new team member(s)! From compliance, growth strategy, to diverse candidates to choose from, we've got it covered. 

hiring VIP day


The Day Of

A customized 3-phase growth plan for your company to reflect your vision, including organizational charts for each growth stage and a strategically crafted financial plan so you know when to plan for your next hire

A customized legally legit and HR law compliant Employee Handbook and Onboarding Process that promotes a healthy, secure, and productive company culture

Specialized guidance to ensure compliance, no matter where your team lives.

3 Months Support in the Set to Scale HR on Retainer Membership including bimonthly consulting calls, on demand Slack channel and access to the proprietary Set to Scale HR and leadership framework

1 hour Policy Strategy Call 
1.5 Hour Organizational Structure Intensive
1 Hour Recruitment/Hiring Strategy Call 

Legally compliant and thoughtfully crafted job posting and comprehensive outreach 
Jobe description that will help set up culture and performance expectations from the first interview
Custom KPIs for the unique needs of your business

Organizational Chart & Financial Planning

Assets For The Role

Done For You Recruiting

An inclusive, thorough, proven hiring process done start to finish by a specialized hiring strategist including job ad, job application, screening, interviews, performance assessment, and more!

Step Into Leadership With Timeless, Custom Resources

A customized Company Intranet to safely house all the documents your team will need

Custom Team Management Templates  to make managing your team as seamless as your onboarding process ;)

New Hire Orientation Slide Deck 

3 Months Ongoing Support

Prep For The Big Day

You'll complete a thorough and thought provoking questionnaire one week before your reserved day to help us weave your ideal company culture into your company policies and strategy.

We built a dream team, to help you find yours.

This may sound crazy, but I actually enjoy anxiety-inducing HR numbers and alphabet soups. 

1099s, W2s, FMLA, FLSA? My favorite! 

With a decade of experience in HR and Operations, I’m no stranger to the sensitive issues involved in the human side of running a business. There’s a lot to learn from hiring, onboarding, training, and managing the performance of over 500 employees for a multimillion dollar business. The good news is, I’ve learned it all so you don’t have to.

I’m the go-to People Operations resource for online business owners ready to protect, streamline, and scale their businesses. 

Hello there, I'm Kira!

In a nutshell, we’ll find you the help you deserve to turn your dream team into reality.

Megan Baker is the founder and CEO of Meg K and Co, which is a hiring agency for socially conscious businesses. Before her life running her agency and advising entrepreneurs on their hiring strategy, Meg was a high school French teacher and a 3rd grade teacher. Meg is based in Chicago and a proud mom to Eleanor and her dog Lucy. 


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