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    Scale Your Business Effortlessly -

    Scale Your Business Effortlessly

    December 6, 2020

    As an online business owner, the ability to scale your business effortlessly might seem like a pipe dream, or even downright impossible.

    Don’t worry!

    If your business is structurally sound, scale is not only possible, but it can even happen naturally! Since you’re reading this, you are probably at the stage in your business where you need to hire help. How do you know when is the right time? How can you know who is the right fit for your business? All of these questions can be answered with our Map Out Your Future Team guide here.

    Online Business Growth Can Be Scary

    However, if you know where to start, it can be manageable. In order to scale your business effortlessly, you need to have a simple framework on which your business can grow.

    The First Step From Solopreneur to CEO

    First, create a business structure that is simple,

    clear, and straightforward.

    What does this NOT look like?

    ❌ jumping over to the next cool, trendy #projectmanagementsystem

    ❌ Redoing all your offers

    ❌ Spending $10k on a new coach

    ❌ Rebranding

    ❌ Automate every part of your business

    What should you do instead?

    ✅ choose and stick to one set way to communicate with your clients and leads

    ✅ Create a predictable, manageable workflow for your signature service

    ✅ Know your profit margins

    ✅ Stay true to your mission

    ✅ Understand the difference between investment and debt and don’t be a victim to unethical marketing

    ✅ Have a lawyer on call, and a CPA to turn to (Don’t DIY it!)

    Why does this matter?

    If you don’t have clarity on the basics of your business structure, you will waste time, money, and energy hiring the wrong help.

    Finally, some of these things may sound scary, but they really aren’t that bad once you get a handle on them! I can help you sort these out before you make the jump and throw away precious time.

    The Paradigm Method creates a foundation for you. In order to scale your business effortlessly, it takes a little bit of time outlining your foundation and then you can easily identify the holes you need to patch up by outsourcing.

    For those of you who are hiring for the first time, outsourcing may be hiring contractors to help you patch the holes in your business. For those who have been working with contractors for a while, you may have developed a type of organizational structure that is in constant flow because it depends on people who don’t actually work for you.

    Need some help with making those hiring decisions, or figuring out the next steps to getting the “First Time Employer” steps checked off the list? You don’t have to do it alone.






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