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    Monday’s To Do List

    August 3, 2020

    I don’t know about you, but Monday’s are my most productive day of the week. Life is a constant balance, and working multiple jobs is no joke. I am literally addicted to my to-do list. I always have a notebook, and there is truly nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your list.

    When COVID happened, I noticed so many of my team, friends, and family just completely overwhelmed with our new normal. If you are looking for a way to get everything done on your to-do list, you have come to the wrong blog. Like many entrepreneurs and creatives, I am usually in the middle of something when I think of my next brilliant idea. My to-do list is/was never ending. And I thought that made me important and productive.


    Using the Eisenhower Matrix has become second nature. In fact, the best leaders and managers do this automatically when sorting through endless demands from clients, staff, teammates, and family.

    In fact, I used to enjoy adding things to my list just to cross them off! (Anyone else?) The Eisenhower Matrix is a great reference, and this week I challenge you to have the shortest To Do list you can. YES, I know that sounds counterproductive. But here is where the magic happens.

    First, use your list to accomplish all the most important and urgent things first, number them in importance. If you aren’t sure, you can refer to your supervisor. Supervisor and managers LOVE to tell you what is important to them and your productivity. See?! You are already impressing them and you are only on Step 1.

    Second, make sure the less important and urgent items are handled (either by your team or yourself). If your team can’t take things off your plate, then you need to use this time to train them and enrich their positions. Empower your team and check things off your list? WIN WIN. (*Insert humble brag to your supervisor here)

    Third, now you are on the super-important, least urgent things, you will notice that this is where the innovation and your ideas lie. Since you have handled everything else, your interruptions will be limited, and suddenly you are spending time adding tons of value to your day or your business.

    Since those not-important things never even made it on this list, your week is mapped with a great balance of productivity, praise from your supervisor, gratitude from your team, and just general kick-ass-ness.

    Having a system, or a set of habits on your to-do list is so effective and it takes a long time to figure out how to best make your system work for you. Leave your best tips in the comments!

    PS: I know I made this sound easy, and it is not. If you have ANY questions about how to tackle this task on this lovely Monday, shoot me a DM or an email. I can’t wait to help you <3






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