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62% of small businesses don’t have any staff members

Because finding, hiring, and managing the right employees is overwhelming.

There are a lot of steps to take, and there’s no real HR support out there for your online business’s unique needs.

So you’re left to depend on Google to figure out where to start. And it’s around the fourth page of search results when you realize you’re not going to find the personalized answer you’re looking for on a search engine. 

Not to mention the legal and financial considerations. Those feel like too much to wrap your already-stretched-too-thin brain around.

Payroll? HR Policies? Employee training? No thank you!

Then there are those limiting beliefs that rear their ugly heads at the mere thought of becoming someone’s boss:

  • “Is my business legit enough to have employees?”
  • “Will people think my vision is silly?”
  • “Who am I to be in charge of someone else’s job?”
  • “Would I even be a good manager?”
  • “Where would I even start in building company culture?

Hiring employees can feel like an insurmountable challenge on top of everything else you’re managing.

So you continue to outsource to independent contractors, because that feels simpler.

But relying on contractors isn’t a sustainable growth strategy for your business anymore.

Sure, working with freelancers is simpler at a certain stage in your entrepreneurial journey. It’s a great first step in delegating.

But you’re beyond the first steps now.

Six figure business owners like you require more than what contractors can offer.


Because contractors aren’t bought into the mission and vision of your business. They’re juggling several client projects at a time. You’re not their only focus. Your deliverables are subject to their availability. They have their own set ways of doing things.

So instead of planning your next major revenue milestone, you’re:

  • Waking up at 3:15am in a cold sweat, wondering if your social media manager scheduled that Instagram post for tomorrow morning like she was supposed to. You promised yourself you wouldn’t open Planoly in the middle of the night anymore, but here you are.
  • Worrying so much about treating your contractors like employees (which you know is a big no-no!) that you’re compromising your needs to accommodate theirs. “My VA hasn’t scheduled my launch sequence emails to go out yet, so I guess I can just push out my course launch by a few weeks.” – you to yourself while adjusting your quarterly income goals yet again
  • Worrying so much about treating your contractors like employees (which you know is a big no-no!) that you’re compromising your needs to accommodate theirs. “My VA hasn’t scheduled my launch sequence emails to go out yet, so I guess I can just push out my course launch by a few weeks.” – you to yourself while adjusting your quarterly income goals yet again
  • Justifying your blurred boundaries because you believe they come with the territory of a contractor-client relationship.

You know this isn’t working for you, but hiring employees feels like too much of a headache.

With the right support, transitioning from contractors to employees can be the seamless solution you need to feel in control of your business again.

Personalized People Operations Support That Actually Makes Sense For Your Business

We’ve been accustomed to think the way things were done in our 9-5 jobs is the way we have to do things as online business owners. But the truth is, corporate HR strategies don’t translate to the way we work and collaborate remotely.

Besides, you’re a disruptor. You left your corporate job to shake things up and do things differently, so why would you do HR the corporate way? 

Through my client work with six-figure online service based entrepreneurs like you, I’ve realized that business owners need real, personalized, and modern strategies for hiring and growth. 

Just because Google results haven’t caught up to the way you want to run your business doesn’t mean you need to squeeze yourself into a corporate box.

Sustainable Growth Starts With a Strong Business Foundation

I’ve created a process that demystifies hiring and managing employees with sustainable policies and protocols you’ll feel good about.

First, you’ll gain clarity on the type of company you want to run.

  • This foundational work around your mission, vision, and values will help shape the company culture you want to create for your team. This foundational work around your mission, vision, and values will help shape the company culture you want to create for your team. With that clarity, we’ll build hiring and growth strategies that support the kind of boss and CEO you want to become. You’ll gain all the tools you need to strategically scale the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Imagine your business’s potential when you go from:


to this:

Having no idea how to move your business from point A to point B.

Describe how they would like to feel instead. Paint them a picture of what their life or business could look like after working with you.

Hemorrhaging money on contractors who have their own systems and processes you have to follow.

Saving money while attracting high quality employees you can train in complete alignment with your business’s values and processes.

Worrying about whether or not your business is protected against legal ramifications while enforcing arbitrary policies, because you don’t know what you actually need to have in place.

Confidently maintaining compliance while fostering a positive company culture that supports your employees in doing their best work with thoughtful policies that protect your business legally, ethically, and financially.

Spending your days trying to keep all the balls in the air while keeping track of your contractors’ fragmented work schedules and deadlines.

Optimizing your time around the work you want to be doing, while delegating to autonomous employees who are as bought into your business’s success and long-term vision as you are.

Having a clearly defined 3-phased growth plan and a step-by-step plan for hiring at each stage.

Enjoying more time for thought work, planning joint ventures with fellow leaders in your space, and even…relaxing (gasp!).

Introducing: The Set To Scale 7-Figure Intensive

The Set-To-Scale 7-Figure Intensive was created to give you everything you need to make the switch from contractors to employees seamlessly and confidently.

  • From figuring out exactly what kind of employees you need to execute your business’s near and long-term goals, to hiring and onboarding those employees, to reviewing their performance, and everything in between.
  • We’ll work together to get to the heart of your business to build a 3-phased growth plan and hiring strategy around your vision.
  • We will identify the basics of the money stuff, so we can make sure you can confidently offer the right pay, for the right people without sacrificing your profit margins.

Meet your partner in People Operations

Hi! I’m Kira!

This may sound crazy, but I actually enjoy anxiety-inducing HR numbers and alphabet soups. 

1099s, W2s, FMLA, FLSA? My favorite! 

With a decade of experience in HR and Operations, I’m no stranger to the sensitive issues involved in the human side of running a business. There’s a lot to learn from hiring, onboarding, training, and managing the performance of over 500 employees for a multimillion dollar business. The good news is, I’ve learned it all so you don’t have to.

I’m the go-to People Operations resource for six-figure online business owners ready to protect, streamline, and scale their businesses. 

In a nutshell, I’ll turn your delegation daydreams into reality.

My goal is to bridge the gap between corporate HR policies and the modern needs of online entrepreneurs. Because Google might have almost all the answers, but it doesn’t have what your unique business needs. 

It’s time to say goodbye to Google HR!

But this is about so much more than job descriptions, hiring protocols, and employee handbooks.

It’s about peace of mind.

You deserve to feel completely in control of a legitimate business you’re proud of. 

And when you have the personalized support you need to start delegating to a supportive and sustainable team, you’ll have that crucial sense of security that your business is protected and positioned for long-term success. 

Let’s chat next steps

My goal is to give you the freedom and space you need to get back to the roots of why you started your business in the first place: 

To be a confident changemaker, a disruptor, an innovator, and to run shit the way you want to run it. 

Because you didn’t start your business to second guess yourself or make compromises.

That ends here.

Are you ready to take the first step in scaling your business?

  • Click below to schedule a call and tell me all about your business and goals, and to learn more about how the Set To Scale 7-Figure Intensive can totally transform the way you delegate.

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