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    The Difference Between a Newbie And You? Nothing. -

    The Difference Between a Newbie And You? Nothing.

    June 1, 2021

    In online business, scrolling through Instagram can put you in a position to see one post about a fellow entrepreneur hitting a milestone, and another talkin about how rest is the key to success.

    It’s not a bad thing, because we have the clarity to get out of the rat race. You’ve made it this far, and somewhere along the way, you realized that it is so much better to unapologetically, humbly and directly find the help you need.

    Remember this feeling?

    The mind of a new entrepreneur looks something like this:

    • OMG I did it! I am ACTUALLY doing this! I’m amazing!
    • Starts Instagram account: “here we go, I am ready for the offers to start rolling in”
    • Oh wait, I need to join Facebook groups.
    • Oh yes, I need to follow everyone and post my handle everywhere.
    • Yay! 100 followers! I’ll be rich in 5 minutes.
    • Wait- email list?
    • FUNNEL?
    • PAID ADS! I thought this sh*t was free?
    • OMG I can’t do this. WTF am I thinking!? Why did I spend $4000 on a website and learn about Canva? I have only had 1 lead! I have to quit and I suck. WTF is “Mindset” anyways. BUNCH OF BS.

    Ahhhhh memories. So what does the inside of the mind of a seasoned entrepreneur look like? A 6 figure entrepreneur?

    A multiple six-figure entrepreneur? We can see the outsourcing solution when it comes to legal, social media management, web design, launch copy, you name it… but when it comes to “insourcing” (did I just make that up?) aka hiring a team to work in your business so you can work on your business, it’s likely that you will go through something like this:

    • OMG I did it! I am ACTUALLY doing this! I’m amazing!
    • Wait, how am I going to manage all this interest?
    • A waiting list for clients? New team members? How do I hire them?
    • Ok I’ll write a job posting and see what happens.
    • Yes! I’m really doing this! I don’t need to push clients back 3 months! I’m going to have help in no time! Back to work as usual, I’ll just do a few interviews or hire my biz bestie’s rec.
    • Wait, what do you mean unemployment? I don’t know what this means. I give up. Back to waitlisting clients and bottlenecking my business.

    You’re not supposed to know everything when you get to the next level in your business. It’s just when you first started out, the stakes are lower, no one is counting on you for a paycheck. You can try a few things and learn every day. So how do we solve this to make sure we don’t end up floundering for the next three months/years/decades?

    A 3 month support kick-off where we get all your people ops situated, iron out your company culture to amplify the YOU of it all, create a road map for your business and know with confidence what type of financial implications this will cause. Let’s take it one step further– you can actually have the time and self-assurance to manage your team once they are hired, so that you retain your people and build that dream team everyone is always talking about.

    Contact us if this sounds exactly like what you need!

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