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    Grace Personalized

    July 1, 2024

    At Grace Personalized, we craft exquisite handmade jewelry that celebrates love and captures cherished memories. Founded with a deep commitment to quality craftsmanship and meaningful design, our mission is to make high-quality jewelry accessible to everyone. Our pieces are more than accessories; they are symbols of love and connection in everyday life.

    The Founder

    Nguyen Tran is the founder and CEO of Grace Personalized. Her passion for creating meaningful jewelry and her eye for beautiful aesthetics started at a young age as she witnessed her sisters bring the first iteration of Grace Personalized to life while growing up in Southern Vietnam. For Nguyen, it was clear her future lay in the jewelry industry as her devotion to making beautiful pieces more accessible grew.

    Now residing in Los Angeles, Nguyen brings her Southeast Asia roots into the brand working with Vietnamese artisans and partnering with an eco-friendly and local manufacturing facility in Chau Duc, Vietnam. In addition, her eye for detail and working with intention are echoed across everything Grace Personalized stands for today—including quality service, craftsmanship, and its continuous eco-friendly efforts. With the belief that presence is our portal to true happiness, Nguyen invites you to welcome mindfulness into your everyday and to see what happens next.

    Our Mission

    We are passionate about creating jewelry that resonates on a personal level, embodying the essence of love and relationships. Our mission extends beyond business; we aim to enrich lives by making jewelry that tells stories and carries memories.

    Our Values

    • Trust: We build trust through transparency, reliability, and integrity in all aspects of our business.
    • Integrity: We uphold strong ethical principles and honesty in our craftsmanship and customer interactions.
    • Creativity: Innovation and creativity drive our designs and processes, ensuring each piece is unique and meaningful.
    • Willingness to Learn: We embrace curiosity and continuous improvement, staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of jewelry design.
    • Passion for Work: Our dedication to jewelry-making fuels our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
    • Fun: We infuse joy and enthusiasm into everything we do, creating a positive and vibrant workplace.
    • Efficiency: We strive for efficiency without compromising quality, delivering exceptional products and service.

    Work-life Balance: We prioritize a healthy balance between professional success and personal well-being.

    Our Shared Vision

    We envision using our business as a force for good, driving positive change in our community and beyond. By creating beautiful jewelry that symbolizes love and connection, we aim to contribute to a world that is good for everyone and the planet.

    What It Feels Like To Work For Grace Personalized:

    Working at Grace Personalized is more than just a job; it’s a journey of creativity, passion, and purpose. Our team members experience:

    • Inspiration: Each day brings new opportunities to create jewelry that holds deep personal meaning for our customers.
    • Collaboration: We foster a supportive and collaborative environment where ideas are valued, and teamwork is celebrated.
    • Growth: With a commitment to professional development and learning, every team member has the chance to expand their skills and expertise.
    • Impact: Knowing that our work touches the lives of others in profound ways, we take pride in making a difference through our craft.
    • Community: We are a tight-knit team that values camaraderie and mutual respect, creating a workplace that feels like family.

    Paradigm x Grace Personalized

    Here at Paradigm Business Consulting, we are delighted to represent Grace Personalized in their search for the next key addition to their team, a Customer Service Support Specialist!

    Our partnership with Grace Personalized is grounded in mutual trust and aligned objectives. We are honored to be their chosen recruitment partner, leveraging our deep understanding of their company culture to identify candidates who will excel and contribute positively to the nurturing and innovative atmosphere at Grace Personalized.

    We are thrilled to support their journey towards continued success and influence in the handmade jewelry industry. Be a part of Grace Personalized’s mission to create meaningful jewelry by applying for the Customer Service Support Specialist role today!

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