Personal Finance With Aaron Nannini -

Personal Finance With Aaron Nannini

March 27, 2021

Interview Spotlight: Aaron Nannini
Personal Finance Expert and Author

This month in the Paradigm Shift Network, we will be learning from Aaron about how to have a healthy money mindset and learn to keep our business profitable while maintaining control of our personal finances. Check out our interview and join us in the live workshop on April 8th in The Paradigm Shift Network!

Aaron is an author of the personal finance book Cash Uncomplicated and the founder of a personal finance website The primary focus of both Aaron’s book and website is to help people develop a healthier mindset around money and everything related to personal finance.

He’s got a wonderful wife and two great kids, who he spends most of my time with. Aaron says, “I’m big into the outdoors—hiking, biking, or just walking the dog around the park. I’m also really into traveling, I’ve been to all 50 states and eventually hope to visit all seven continents”

One of the reasons I was so interested in hearing more about your personal finance journey was how close it hits to home. You’re not a traditional financial advisor or banker dude! What was the main catalyst for starting your personal finance journey?

Haha, I’m definitely not! I’m an everyday person who used to really struggle with my finances. As I began to educate myself and improve in my personal finances, I began to notice others around me making many of the same mistakes that I used to. I wanted to help with that so I decided to write a book sharing my experiences with money. The most notable thing I want to share with others is that with the right mindset, everyone can succeed with money. You don’t have to have a finance degree or research stocks all day.

What was the biggest challenge in your journey? 

The biggest challenge was overcoming a faulty mindset. I used to believe that financial success was only for those who inherited money, got lucky with a business idea, won the lottery, or took from others. Once I overcame that mindset, I really began to prosper, not only in personal finances, but in other areas of my life as well.

What is the biggest mistake you see people making when it comes to managing their money?

I see a lot of mistakes but I think the biggest one I consistently see is what I refer to as mindless spending. So many people go about their day not even thinking about what they are spending their hard-earned money on. They are letting spending just happen to them, rather than taking control and Intentionally spending only on what they value or need. Many people are shocked when they go back over the month and learn they spent literally hundreds of dollars on takeout and other minor conveniences.

You talk a lot about mindset and how it connects to the way you treat money; prior to this journey, was mindset a part of your day to day life?

Mindset is absolutely huge. I believe that being good with your personal finances begins and ends with mindset. You have to believe that you can be good with money and understand how gaining control of your money can greatly improve your life. The people who I’ve seen turn around their financial picture have all started by changing their thinking and attitudes towards money. 

Many of our readers are multi-passionate entrepreneurs. Do you think mindset with money is affected in a different way by entrepreneurship vs. the normal 9-5 grind?

That’s a great question and I think there’s something to it. I don’t know if there’s necessarily a difference between entrepreneurs and those in a W2 job, but there is one thing I see in common from people who are passionate about their work. And that is people get super busy and engaged with their work and kind of forget about their personal finances. One of my goals is to help people be aware of their personal finances and to pay close attention so their hard earned money has a chance to grow.

One thing we know is that women are less likely to take an interest in their personal finances.  Why do you think that is?

I see a lot of women taking an interest in their personal finance. I think that’s an area that used to be dominated by males, but things are rapidly changing. I also see a lot of women not only take an interest in their own personal finances, but they are also running their entire households money.

As millennials, we are sick and tired of hearing that we can’t afford to buy houses at the same level as the Boomer generation because we like iced coffee and avocado toast. Your advice is practical and non-judgemental; where do you think those sentiments come from? 

Ha, I’ve heard that many times with the avocado toast. So much of that is just nonsense clickbait. The millennials I’m friends with are some of the most organized and intentional people I’ve ever met. Many of which have already bought a house, and rental properties. Nobody wants to talk about those people though because it doesn’t sell. It’s much easier to write or talk about what’s wrong than what’s right.

What do you think is the thing you most regret having purchased?

I bought an expensive luxury car back when I really couldn’t afford it at the time. It wasn’t so much the upfront costs, but the repair and maintenance costs that ate away at my savings. It was a good learning experience though and I don’t really harp too much on it now.

What do you think is the thing you most regret having purchased?

I bought an expensive luxury car back when I really couldn’t afford it at the time. It wasn’t so much the upfront costs, but the repair and maintenance costs that ate away at my savings. It was a good learning experience though and I don’t really harp too much on it now.

Let’s talk a little more about Aaron’s book!

Have you always enjoyed writing?

Sounds funny to say, but not really. I was always an average writer and never really enjoyed it much. But for this book I had a message to give, and that inspired me to write. As a result, the writing came out much better than at any other point in my life.

What is your writing process?

For me it’s all about consistency and writing first thing in the morning. When I was writing my book, my goal was one page a day. I knew if I could write just one page a day, I would have a book in less than six months. I write in the morning because writing is such a high-leverage activity that I want to ensure it’s done every day. Getting it done before most people are awake gives me that victory and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

What was the hardest or most shocking lesson you learned when publishing your book?

I think the hardest thing was learning that it’s not done when you think it’s done. For example, I finished my first draft and thought the book was ready to go into the editing process. But it wasn’t close to ready for that, and I had to add a lot more than I had planned. Then when I thought I was done editing, there were more edits, and more after that. Being a first time author, it always seemed to be one step forward, two steps back.  I eventually learned to embrace that challenge, but it was unexpected and definitely a challenge at first.

What is one thing that surprised you about being a newly published author?

The biggest surprise is how many people have reached out to me with positive comments and congratulations. People who I haven’t heard from in years have reached out and it’s been nice to reconnect. I’ve also gotten some really nice feedback about the book and how easy it is to understand and apply.

So you’re married (Hi Jenny G!), how did your personal finance journey affect your financial communication in your marriage?

Yes I am, I’m glad she connected us! Our communication about money is very strong.  We both know exactly where we stand and where we are with our personal finances.  Money is one of the biggest sources of arguments in relationships, and it’s nice to know we will never have that issue. I think if more people made a commitment to work together in their personal finances, there would be less arguments about money. 

You’ve got lots of distractions around you; how did you stay focused when you were writing your book?

The biggest thing I do is make writing the first thing I do every morning, otherwise I know the distractions will pile up and I’ll never get it done. I’m usually done by the time others are just starting to get up. 

Was there anything that didn’t make it into the book that you were hoping to expand upon more?

No, I went the self-publishing route so I had the creative freedom to keep everything I wanted in the final draft. The editors did cut out about 10,000 words but those all needed to be cut and it made the final product better.  

If we could take one action today that will affect our financial well-being, what would it be?

To have the mindset that you can be successful with your personal finances. That’s the first and most important step—everything else after that is just execution of a plan.

Where can everyone find you? Where can we get a copy of your book?

Thanks for asking! The best place for people to find me is on my website On the website, there are links to buy a copy of the book from all the major retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thank you for the questions!

Grab a copy of Cash Uncomplicated!






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